2Brother’s Voodoo


The now empty 2Brother's Growler

In the corporate world you say thankyou with a nice bottle of red wine. If the thankee finds out that you are not much of a wine drinker (much like myself) they might decide that they will buy you beer. This beer will inevitably be Crown Lager.

It is assumed that this is the best beer you can buy someone. This is also the reason that it will be the beer of choice in all corporate functions/superboxes/airport lounges/corporate boardroom.  And the boys and girls at CUB do a great job reinforcing this. In fact they even have a service where you can get personalised bottle labels making this the Cadbury Roses of Beer

But being the full blown beer wanker that I am I’m not impressed when someone gives me a slab of Crownies. Don’t get me wrong it’s free beer, so I’ll take it, say thanks and happily drink it, but I can’t help thinking what might have been. What if they money could have be re-directed in buying some truly interesting craft brews?

But how do you communicate this to those people out there that want to thank you for something. Well for me it’s a simple two step procedure:

  1. Have a fantastic girlfriend who when asked ‘Does Leon drink red or white wine?” answers ‘Neither he would prefer beer.’
  2. Have a Blog fully outlining which beers you love so when the person asks Jord which beer I like she can direct them to this here website.   

This is how a recent thank you present from a business acquaintance (I’m not going to mention who as that would ruin my editorial integrity, but how good are those advertising screens in office buildings? Bloody brilliant is the answer.) managed to get upgraded from wine to Crownies to a Growler of Voodoo from my favourite Brewery 2Brothers.

That’s right in a coincidence that would make Alan Thicke proud said business acquaintance was planning a trip to 2Brother’s anyway so everything combined into a perfect beer storm and I ended up with a box full of Voodoo, Growler, and Taxi.

I’ve been wanting to try the Voodoo for quite some time. It’s a Baltic porter and the website claims it’s a very scary black beer. It’s also meant to be very good, in fact it won the Best Victorian Beer at the 2010 AIBA awards.

And it is good. Not the best thing they produce, but still very good.  It is a brownish black colour, only letting the slightest bit of light through. It has a nice dense creamy head which laces nicely. You can certainly smell the sweet malts in the aroma. It is claimed to have espresso and liquorice notes in the nose as well but I couldn’t find them.

It’s actually a much more gentle beer than I was expecting. At 6.5% and black as the ace of spades I was expecting to get punched about a bit, but this is actually very well balanced. It has a big body, almost sweet in the first instance, but this fading away to a slightly acidic roasted coffee bean taste.

It was nowhere near as big as I was expecting, which was good given that myself a Jord managed to drink the whole growler between the two of us in an afternoon, and  it was quite enjoyable I must say. Plus now I have a pretty growler sitting in my fridge waiting to be refilled.

So person who shall not be named, Thank-you for one of the best media related beer presents I’ve ever received. And 2Brother’s thank you for producing another great beer – Pint.

The Long Bow YouTube clip: The memories, now replace the chocolates with a growler of Voodoo and I’d be a very happy fella.


6 thoughts on “2Brother’s Voodoo

  1. Given the grolwer appears to have ended up rolling around on the floor perhaps it packed more punch than you thought?

    Speaking of growlers, I ventured up to Blackhearts and Sparrows in Nth Fiztroy on Saturday, but alas, they were only filling with Prickly Mose Chocolate. Given your harsh review thereof I’ve opted to wait to see what’s on the go next week. They have a damn fine selection of bottled beauties though if you want a roadtrip to our hood. They do fill any clean growler too:


  2. that is a pretty looking Growler, and given it was full of beer all the better. I ventured to Two Brothers on Saturday arvo looking for some lunch and a beer after the start up a microbrewery coures at True South, only to find it was shut. Bugger. That Voodoo is a nice beer though

  3. Darren the ‘start up a microbrewery course’ sounds very interesting, I know you were a serious homebrewer but does this suggest you might be about to take it to the next level?

    2Brothers do seem to specialise in having the world most unfriendly opening hours, Thursday and Friday nights only. I guess they cater more for the workers in the immediate area than inner city kids on a weekend sojurn to the bayside suburbs.

    Of course True South is a reasonable replacement.

    • Leon would love to open a brewery but for now its staying as a work in progress. As for the coures, it was ok, but not for everyone (read me) and while the True South venue is nice we left there with out having a beer, nuf said. Gee I sound like a miserable bastard

  4. Alan Thicke and his relationship with Robin Sparkles is one of the highlights of How I met your Mother. Right up there with ‘Drunk or Kid?’ the Banging song, and Willem……Dafoe.

    Although a game show hosted by Alan about coincidences does sound awesome. I have to admit, like many of the jokes in this here blog this is one to that will only be really understood by about 2 people. It comes from a throw away line in Growing Pains where he said ‘Doesn’t that just put the dink in co-inky-dink.” for some reason it became a saying in my household.

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