Brewers Original Pure Malt Ale

Prologue:  It’s an unusual brewing company that devotes a good portion of its website to their cat, but Brewers is that sort of company. I don’t mean to disparage the cat, who appears to have mad skills in sleeping, eating and mice catching, but it’s not the communications strategy I would have gone with.

Brewers, believe it or not run by a guy called William Brewer. Now I can only assume that if your name is Billy Brewer and you have even a passing interest in the amber liquid you really should set up a brewery, I mean it’s in the stars and all that jazz.

So this little one man and a cat operation brews a beer I had never heard of and never seen until I walked into Parkhill Cellars in North Melbourne. It is a Pure Malt Ale, which is a good description of the what the beer is, but might not be too helpful in a world used to ordering Pale Ales, IPA’s and Amber ales.

Packaging: I like the label, It’s probably the logo font choice and the obvious connections in the Milwaukee Brewer’s baseball team but it gives a great classic American look, like a recipe that was developed back in the twenties (or maybe the 30’s given prohibition) and hasn’t changed since.  

Appearance: This beer is a nice honey colour with a dense creamy head.

Smell: It smells like sweet bread.  

Taste: Very nice, full in the body with a subtle hop character. There is a slight lingering aftertaste that feels malty rather than hoppy. There is nothing too fancy or complex going on here, rather it just a very nice sessionable beer, which is very easy to drink.  

In conclusion: Like a liquid malteser, but without the chocolate. I nice story behind the brewery plus a good quality products makes you feel good about drinking this beer.   

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint Thanks,

Long Bow YouTube Clip: Look it’s cats that drink beer. (Can’t believe someone is wasting Chimay Blue on this flea bags)  


3 thoughts on “Brewers Original Pure Malt Ale

  1. mmmmm malty. As a Geelong Football Club supporter I am fully in favor of cats on all beer related websites, but lets keep the beer made by monks for the humans, give the cats perhaps something like a Carlton Cold (they do still make it I presume?)

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