Drink’ in the Sun 2011 – Mikkeller Tap Takeover

It’s a great moment when things just fall into place. Yesterday was Jordan’s birthday show we were looking for a place to have a few brews and celebrate.  Then along came the local taphouse with their Mikkeller Tap take-over, which promised 20 high quality beers from the Danish wunderkind brewers (and yes I know wunderkind in German not Danish).

This was a good start, The sun making a rare winter time appearance was a huge bonus, the fact that both myself and Jord could get the afternoon of work was even better. The news that my brother and sister in law would be joining us just topped of the afternoon.

Now I’m not going to give you a full review of all twenty beers. I’m sure someone will, going from my untapp’d feed it’s quite possible that almost every Melbourne based untapp’d user and beer blogger was in attendance. I will however give you an initial thought on them and maybe bit a few winners if you think you might make it over to The Taphouse in the next few days as there might still be some of these left.

Myself and Jord were sharing tasting paddles and were working in numerical order.

1) The American Dream – You can actually read a full review of this if you would like – it’s here

2) Vesterbro Pilsener – I’m told Vesterbro is a neighbourhood of Copenhagen (It means North Bridge).  I was told this by my Bro who lived in Copenhagen for a year so he would know. It’s a beautifully balanced beer, malty and silky in the mouth then a nice spicy hop character that lingers.

3) Draft Bear – I’m assuming that this was named by/for a New Zealander. Why? Because when a Kiwi says beer it sounds like bear. This is a lot funnier when you are drunk.  The beer itself  was a little bit of a letdown, a touch thin in the body, but with great hop character (which let’s face it is what Mikkeller are known for)

4) Freiser – This was our first pause beer. As in you sip it, you pause for a second and then you say ‘Wow’. It smells like tokay or muscat, feels like syrup in the mouth and is just and outstanding beer. It’s big at 11% but it’s also brilliant.

5) Drink’in the Sun 11 – A light beer (2.4%) and a big come down after the Freiser.  It was gentle and very refreshing, and would be perfect for, well drinking in the Sun, which we were.

6) Vesterbro Wit – Andre and Cat had appeared by this point and they made their presence instantly felt. Cat gave the following description of this beer. ‘This tastes like a 14 year old girl who has been to the body shop and bought dewberry perfume.’ I liked a her blankly and she replied “If your ever nuzzled the neck of a 14 year old you would know what I’m talking about.’  Damn going to an all boys high school.

7) Exotic Punch – Like a stuff at parties that is designed to be easy to drink and get people drunk.

8. Thorst Bonanza – Also refreshing. It claimed to be highly hopped, but I wasn’t seeing it. Maybe I’d become immune, and they are all highly hopped beers. I’m sure if you had started here it would have knocked your socks off, but it was a little middle of the road by now.

9) A Pale Ale – It had a Danish O above the A, which was cool if nothing else. This was Jordan’s favourite of the US Style Pale Ales.

10) Jackie Brown – This is a beer I’d heard a lot about and was looking forward to, sitting as it was last in our second group of five beers. The table was mixed on whether this was better than the Freiser which we were now simply calling ‘The Dopplebock’ The girls thought this was better the boys preferred the Fresier. This was sweet and caramely at the front of the sip and then a lingering hoppiness. We decided that we could happily drink this all afternoon.

11) It’s Alive – Smells sweet like candied fruit and very well balanced. The tasting notes claimed there was a little bit of funk in there. I’d like to describe it as bit of horse stable.

12) 1000 IBU Light – The beer wankers of Melbourne have been twittering about this thing of late so I was keen to give it a try. I didn’t like it. It’s so bitter that it’s almost undrinkable.  Everyone reacted the same way, sip, screw up face, stick out tongue. Cat described it as smelling like a local hardware store, with a hint of glue and bad carpet. I did get more palatable after a few sips, but still not enjoyable. One strictly for those people who like a challenge.

13) 10 – named because it has 10 different hops in it. A very interesting beer, much more palatable than the previous beer, quite complex with a good body .

14) Koppi IPA – A really interesting beer. Infused with coffee, and nicely balanced. A great all day beer with a heap of complexity to keep you interested.

15) Texas Ranger – The round-house kick of the beer world. Jord described this as everything I like in life, Porter and BBQ in a glass.  It smelled of alcohol, a little like Brewdog’s Tokyo, but it tastes very different, smoky, in some sort of mystical way.

16) Vesterbro Kaffestout. We were starting to get serious now, Beer 16-20 just got more and more ridiculous. A 7.5% this was the lowest alcohol. This tasted like coffee ice cream. My notes simply say ‘Fucking awesome.’ Which seems to sum it up nicely.

17) Monk’s Exelier – This was a very sweet beer. Like an after dinner sipper. Andre described it as the beer version of Pedro Ximenez.

18) Simcoe – After all the sweetness the hops are back. Simcoe hops in fact, and it was good.

19) Big Worse – Sherry like again, it lacks the big fruit flavours of some of the earlier beers, but this makes it easier to drink. We described this sessional and a toned down desert beer. When then noticed it was 12% alcohol. Possibly the smoothest 12% beer you will ever taste.

20) Last but by no means least is the ‘Funny Asian character’ Black which was a 17.5% monster, strong, complex interesting, brilliant. I bit like me really.

So there it is 20 beers drunk in the afternoon on the roof a Local Taphouse. By this time it was getting cold, so we decided to move downstairs, to get some food and have a few more beers. Since we had previewed all the beer we went back for our best offs. Which were The Fresier, the Koppi IPA, Jackie Brown and the Vesterbro Kaffestout and to round out the top five Texas Ranger.

It was a great afternoon. I can’t say I loved every beer there, but there were some amazing brews and it certainly was a great example of the diversity of beer styles.

Oh and happy birthday Jordan.

And we had a long discussion about ‘Great Danish bands’ As you do, so I present to you this long bow Youtube Clip .

JaConfetti with Step Up – Great jumpsuits ladies.


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