Sheepshaggers Gold

Prologue:  The UK has a somewhat different approach to be beer than us out here in a Antipodes. As much as the big breweries would like to paint the average beer drinker as a bit of a larrikin, we actually take out beer quite seriously. The craft brewing guys don’t really go for the gimmicks, joke names and cartoony labels.

But the UK seems to be different. In the recent past I’ve managed to see beers named for the Comedy Troupe Monty Python and after a character in ‘Heartbeat’, or ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ or some other English drama which is being shown on 7two.

And then there is this, all the way from the highlands of Scotland. – Sheepshaggers Gold  

Packaging: Here is where the difference in breweries continue, there is something quaint and quite frankly a little bit weird about the label. It reminds me of those 1970’s cartoon birthday cards that your grandmother would buy you. If you were lucky with a crisp five dollar note tucked inside it.

Appearance: Like a slightly hazy lager, a golden colour with a slight greenish hue, and a foamy white head that dissipates quickly  

Smell: Not a particularly strong smell of anything.

Taste: Again very gentle, a nice body with some good malt tones coming through, and a very understated hop quality, very easy to drink however.   

In conclusion: A good quality little beer. Little being the operative word here, it’s not a big hoppy craft beer monster, but rather the calm pleasant Friday afternoon sipper.    

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner.

Six degrees of Norm (Where we link every beer back to Norm from Cheers in six easy steps):

  1. This beer is named for a sheep (and an act I’m not sure we will mention.
  2. And the best ever sheep movie is ‘Black Sheep.’ Which starred Peter Fenney (in a role where his, um, shagged a sheep actually.)
  3. He was also in Cold Feet with James Nesbitt
  4. Who was in Match Point with Scarlett Johnansson
  5. Who was in Lost in Translation with Bill Murray
  6. And Bill Murray was in Second City in Chicago as was George Wendt, who you know as Norm from Cheers.  

Long Bow YouTube Clip: The Trailer for ‘Black Sheep’ go to the DVD shop and tent it, right now  


2 thoughts on “Sheepshaggers Gold

  1. Gees, James Nesbitt in Match Point – good get. Haven’t posted since Wednesday night – full on since Thursday morning – but that was a great dinner. Did you Tokyo or RIS afterwards?

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