The Legendary Duff Beer

Prologue:  What is the most famous beer in the world? Bud Light? Guiness?, heaven forbid Fosters? Some German beer dating from the tenth century?

Nope, It’s got to be Duff. Can’t get enough of that wonderful Duff.

That’s right, everyone’s most loved beer is The fictional beer drunk by Homer Simpson and the other residents of Springfield (but not Shelbyville where they drink Fudd).

It’s a brand so powerful that it launched Duffman! (Oh Yeah), and Duff world, complete with the seven Duff’s; Sleazy, Queasy, Surly, Edgy, Tipsy, Dizzy and my favourite Remorseful.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could actually drink Duff?    

Some of you may remember back in the day that West End brewery (out of Adelaide) had a go at producing Duff Beer. They were quickly sued by 20th century Fox and removed it from sale. You’ll set meet people who claimed that they have empty Duff can’s and that they are investments, or better still people who are sitting on full cans of Duff like some sort of retirement nest egg.  

The think the value may have just taken a nose dive because all the way from Germany and new to Aussie shores is The Legendary Duff Beer (note ‘The Legendary, I assume this is what stops them getting sued). That’s right Germany, well known for making beer, not so well known for their sense of humour.  

Packaging: Well it looks like the cartoon version of the beer, same cartoony font, same red background. Of course in the cartoon they normally drink from cans rather than bottles, but hey you get the idea.

Appearance: It looks like a commercial lager, Very clear, golden colour with a thin wispy head. Of course this might be the only beer that I suggest drinking out of the bottle. I mean what’s the point of drinking Duff if you can’t show off the label?  

Smell: Yeasty

Taste: Not the worse beer in the world. Not the best either, but certainly passable. It was a touch maltier than I was expecting. As always with mainstream brews it was too carbonated for my liking. There was even a hint of hop bitterness that I’m sure would not be true to style in the cartoon version (Given Duff is Bud that is)  

Random Duff related facts

  • There are 19 different types of Duff including Tarter Control Duff and Duff Peanut Butter Lager.
  • Duffman is Jewish, His first name might be Barry and it would appear he is bi-sexual
  • The Duff brewery is owned by Howard K Duff, He also owns the Isotopes
  • Oh and if you think Duffman is ridiculous you might not realise he is based on the real life Budman who promotes Budweiser’s beers.


In conclusion: Like everyone who will grab this out of the fridge I picked it because of the label, the name and the gimmick. And what a gimmick, the name alone will get them 95% of their sales, and allow them to go international.

What I found was a beer that was better than I expected. Not a great beer, but if you wanted to buy a six pack of this to take to a party and impress your friends, you could give them one without having to warn them.    

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner

Long Bow YouTube Clip: Homer and Beer, a match made in heaven.  


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