Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve

Prologue:  Sing with me ‘And so it is Christmas.’ Isn’t it great? Snow falling outside, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, Santa readying the reindeers.

What it’s not Christmas? Oh Crap, this entry is not going to make much sense then isn’t is it?

So why am I drinking Christmas Brews in the October? Well it’s quite simple I was in Slowbeer, and this was sitting in the ‘Past use by but still drinking well’ section, which I like to think of as the beer equivalent to the ‘Already put together so we have discounted it.’ section of IKEA, this section never made sense to me, because they had saved you the trouble of building the furniture yourself they discount it, they should be charging you extra for that. Of course the furniture does often have a huge dent in it, a scratch, water damage or sagging shelves, but let’s face it all IKEA furniture looks like that in about 4 weeks anyway.

But the point is it was form Rogue, which is a US brewery of quite some note, and it was cheap so I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass, I was going to buy it, and drink it quick smart (I was never going to last until December).

Oh and how do I know Rogue is a good Brewery?–  Well the brewer has:

a.    A beard

b.    A dog

c.    A pair of coveralls

Packaging: Brilliant, a drunk looking, ruddy cheeked Santa with a tankard of beer. Plus a hand drawn version of the Rogue logo which has a red star in the middle of it which appeal to my inner communist.  

Appearance: The beer was a Caramel reddy colour with a thin slightly rocky head.   

Smell: There are gentle hop smells in this, in particular citrus and pine, there are also some sweet caramel and stewed fruit tones.

Taste: Really a very good beer. The hops are more prominent than the smell suggested, in fact I thought it could do with a little more maltiness to balance it out a bit more. Given the age of this beer (I can’t work out which Christmas it would have been brewed for, beer is generally okay for 12 months, so either is just past it’s non existent use by date, or it’s a year past, who knows) I would have expected the hops to settle down a bit, it does make me wonder how much of a hop bomb this was at the Christmas table.    

In conclusion: A great beer, as you can see from the picture I enjoyed it with some cheese and crackers and it all worked very nicely as a sipping beer, it is more suited to a cold, sit around the fire type Christmas than the middle of summer wearing shorts at a BBQ we get in the southern hemisphere.

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint

6 Degrees of Norm (Where we prove all beers can be traced back to Norm from Cheers): 

  1. Rogue is based in Oregon.
  2. As is Ty Burrel who was born in Grant Pass, Oregon
  3. Who’s Ty Burrel? – Be plays Phil Dunphy in Modern Family
  4. And who is his mother in law in Modern Family? Shelley Long
  5. Who is most famous for playing Diane Chamber on Cheers
  6. And Diane served many a beer to Norm

The Long Bow You Tube Clip: Here is a tour of the Rogue Brewery – It’s all about the beer


2 thoughts on “Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve

  1. What’s your rule of thumb on expired beers? I had a Horny Goat Black IPA a month after the expiry date, but wasn’t deterred at all. On the other hand, I had a VB Raw 8 months after expiry. I”d imagine it wouldn’t have been improved if it was fresher.

    Loved the 6 degrees of Norm. Another pathway is through the one and only season of “Back to You”, where Ty Burrell co-starred with Kelsey Grammar.

    I’d imagine you enjoyed the AFL GF. Mick was there and rejoiced in seeing Eddie’s demise particularly after hearing a pre-game speech which Mick felt was a little too cocky.

    • I think it depends on the beer, bigger beers should load up a bit better I would have thought, The issue is not that they won’t still be enjoyable, let’s face it they are still beer, but rather that it’s hard to guess what it was meant to taste like.

      Oh and VB Raw, what were you thinking?

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