Tipples Revisited – Taxi Pilsener

Two incidents have intersected over the past weekend which has prompted me to introduce a new concept to this here Blog. 

The first was tasting a certain beer that I hadn’t tasted in a while and realising what I remembered as a darn good beer, really wasn’t.

The second was an interview on Radio Brews News with Bill Taylor who is chief brewer at Lion (Nathan). He said the following:

“I mean the first time you taste a 50 bitterness unit beer it might have stretched you a little too far, but you get to the point where it actually becomes quite an allure. So your tastebuds and your drinking experiences change over time and you evolve. It a bit like listening to music….you might start with pop, but as you grow…..”

There are some entries over the years that I look back on and wonder if the fault was not with the beer, but rather with me. Maybe my tastebuds were still listening to Rick Astley and Bananarama  and this was a Tom Waits beer.

There are three of four beers that spring to mind, The Beast IPA, Longshot, Kozol, and a couple of Bridge Road brews. But the first beer we are revisiting – Perennial favourite of mine 2Brother’s and their Taxi.


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