Kooinda Valhalla Golden Ale

Prologue:  A little while ago I told you a tale of some post sport drinks in Northcote where I worked my way through a big Black IPA whilst looking on jealously as Jord and Chris quaffed their friendly, easy to drink Golden Ales.

Over the weekend I thought it was about time for me to get a bit of that Golden Ale action so I picked up a six pack of Kooinda’s Valhalla Golden Ale.

As well as being a beer, Valhalla is the place that big strong viking warriors go when they die. Valhalla (or ‘hall of the slain’ if like me you can speak fluent ancient Norse) is basically a big hall, where some dude called Odin is chucking a party. It sounds like a reasonable party, there are some Germanic kings, a golden roof, a huge living tree in the middle of the hall, a stag (I assume this is where the term stag party came from) and a goat.

And I can only assume that that if the dead Viking warrior wandered through to the bathroom he would find that Odin has filled the bath with ice and shedloads for some  homebrew which he neighbour makes, he even convinced them to call it  Valhalla Golden Ale (Clearly in this version of the story Valhalla is located in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, next to Kooinda Brewery)  

Packaging: I’m still not a fan of the Kooinda logos/labels, although I do note they are getting all web 7.3 with the inclusion of a facebook page and twitter account. With all this embracing of technology by breweries it’s probably only a matter of time before someone makes Google beer

Appearance:  It’s dull golden colour, unfiltered, so a little hazy. It poured with solid one finger head, but then disappeared quickly, leaving was some reasonable lacing on the glass.

Taste:  There is nothing too challenging about this beer, It’s approachable, easy to drink. It is just so well balanced, a touch of sweetness at the front of the sip and this some hoppy bitterness coming through at the end, bringing with it some fruity tones, but nothing too overpowering.      

In conclusion: As I was drinking this I commented to Jord “This could be out summer drink.” That’s because this is just such a good simple, refreshing drink, meaning you would be happy to drink many of these, preferably in the sun. Think of it as the thinking person’s Sunday session beer.

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint

6 Degrees of Norm (Where we prove all beers can be traced back to Norm from Cheers):  

  1. Valhalla is the name of this beer, it was also the subject of the movie ‘Valhalla Rising’
  2. Which starred awesomely named Mads Mikkelsen
  3. Who is also in ‘The Three Musketeers’ with Orlando Bloom
  4. Who was in ‘New York, I love you’, as was James Caan
  5. Who played Walter in the movie ‘Elf’, which they are turning into a Broadway show
  6. In this show the role of Santa will be played by George Wendt AKA Norm from Cheers.  

    Valhalla - looks to be a good house party.



One thought on “Kooinda Valhalla Golden Ale

  1. Kooinda hasn’t made north of the Murray yet. And I’ve only seen at one bottlo in Melbourne (behind the Wharf Theatre). Admittedly I don’t get to too many bottlos in Melbourne. I’m very keen to try their black IPA.

    Looking good for a Melbourne visit on 8 November. I’m thinking of a visit to Hawthorn, order some beer at Slowbeer and then pub crawl.

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