Oktoberfest – Round 2

It’s back, and this time it means business. If last week was the mainstream commercial hit, this week is where this franchise takes a decidedly more artistic, moodier turn.

It’s time to get serious, it’s time for the Weizenbock or Weizen-Eisbocks, depending on where you were bought up.

But what’s a Weizenbock? Well basically it is a strong version of a dark wheat beer. They are characterised by a full body and should be rich and satisfying and it’s not a style of beer you see much of in Australia.  

In the German corner weighing in at 12.0%, is the Aventinus Weizen Eisbock, which by German standards is a wee pup, it’s only been made since 1907.

In the Aussie corner from Red Hill, weighing in at a mere 7.9% and barely five years old, it’s the Red Hill Weizenbock.

Look: Both beers are dark and a little hazy. The Aventinus has a bigger foamier head, but this disappears quickly. The Red Hill is slightly lighter, more of a mid-caramel colour with a wispier head.   

 Smell: The German has a big funky, high alcohol ethanol smell. The Red Hill with the lower alcohol content lets the fruit flavours shine through a little more. Which fruits? Plums and banana are my thoughts. 

Taste: The Aventinus is a more difficult beer; it’s bigger in all senses of the word. There is a hint of funk in there and by funk I mean a slight straw flavour (how I know what straw tastes like I’m not sure). It’s a sweet, chewy beer. I think Jord summed it up best when she claimed, ‘It tastes European.”

The Red Hill on the other hand has none of this edgy funk in it, rather it’s the sweet, spicy and banana notes that come through. It’s quite fizzy, but in a delicate spritzer sort of way. It’s full in the mouth with great body and a sweet lingering aftertaste.

Verdict: These are both great beers, I would happily drink either any day of the week. The difference being you would have one Aventinus and then you would be out, whereas the Red Hill you want to go back to again and again. This makes the Aventinus a Pint and the Red Hill a Jug.

And the Winner is…… It’s got to be the Red Hill, but this was an absolute classic battle.

Random Oktoberfest Fact:  7.1 million litres of beer are served at the festival (at last count in 2010) and about 6.4 million people attend. By my maths that’s only 1.1 litres of beer each, which isn’t that much when they are served in 1 litre steins.  I assume therefore it’s a little like Schoolies with sober older guys trying to pick-up drunk frauleins.

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