Wicked Elf Witbier

Prologue: Have you noticed anything about November on Tipples? Yes the spelling is better, and yes we have a snazzy new design (did you know those bottletops at top of the page are all from beers that have been reviewed on Tipples?). Other than all this the important thing about November is that it has been an all Aussie extravaganza.

So far this month we have reviewed 23 beers, all from the land down under but strangely we haven’t had a NSW based beer yet. Well time to right that wrong with a little beer from the Little Brewing company in Port Macquarie – the beer of choice, Wicked Elf Witbier.

Packaging: I have to say I like the label, it’s classic beery stuff, in fact it almost has a Germanic or Belgian feel to it. I also like the little wicked elf; that big nosed, big hat wearing, beer stealing scamp. Also kudos for continuing that logo on the bottletop, in my opinion not enough micro-breweries brand their bottletops. Surely personalised bottletops can’t add that much to the cost of packaging and it makes it much easier to spot your beer from above in an esky, which has got to be worth some sales.

Appearance: The label told me this was going to be cloudy. I would be expecting this for a witbier, but it wasn’t, it was almost as clear as a lager, with some nice trails of tiny bubbles streaming through it and a thick, creamy white head that laced wonderfully. Smell: Not surprising for a witbier it had a yeasty sourdough bread smell and maybe just a hint of orange peel.

Taste: A little on the disappointing side. I was drinking this solo, but as always Jord required ‘just a taste.’ I think she described it best when she said “There was a little of something there”, and then *snaps her fingers in a sassy way*, “gone”.

That little something is citrus, but it’s all very understated and it finishes very dry indeed. In

Conclusion: Refreshing, very quaffable, well suited to summer, but really just not that interesting. Probably wouldn’t seek this out again, but it was good enough to encourage me to explore the rest of their range a little more.

Ranking: Let’s have a schooner.

Long Bow Youtube Clip: All this talk of Aussieness makes me think of this, Adam Hill’s version of Advance Aussie Fair


5 thoughts on “Wicked Elf Witbier

  1. Tipples, I now almost always read your posts via the E-Mail version and wouldn’t have noticed the renovation for some time, unless you pointed it out. Very nice indeed. As a collector of bottle-tops, I noted 3 that I don’t have. Where’s the lizard/dragon from?

    Wicked Elf makes a range – so you should give ’em all a go. If you can lay your hands on their Abbott Tripel – it is well worth the effort. I’m doing a coast trip in December – so they’ll be getting a visit.

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