Coney Island Sword Swallower

Prologue:  Okay I’ll admit it, I’m shallow. I chose this beer because of the label and more specifically the bottle top, which both have an awesome 1920’s sideshow carnival vibe to them. Probably appropriate given it’s a ‘Coney Island’ beer, which has to be the most famous location of the old school amusement parks (Coney Island is a neighbourhood not an actual single park).
Now this claims to be an IPA style lager, which I assume means it’s a hoppy lager. They do love their hops over there in the US of A.
Packaging:  Awesome, it reminded me of a painting we have in our house. Being a literal kind of fella I took a photo of the beer in front of the painting. The awesome bottle top by the way is the same as the creepy joker face on the neck of the bottle.
I should also mention that the neck has quotes from reviews on it like it’s the latest Danielle Steele novel or Brad Pitt blockbuster. Apparently this beer is ‘dangerously drinkable’. You could read that a couple of different ways, it’s like saying ‘Meet Joe Black’ is vaguely watchable. (Actually Meet Joe Black is not even vaguely watchable; it’s an awful, awful movie where everyone talks incredibly slow, which might explain why it goes for three fricken hours!)
Appearance:  It was a honey golden colour – like in the photo above, there was a little head there but it died before I snapped the shot.
Smell:  The smell is caramel sweetness and fruit hops. Apparently there are 8 different hops in there. 
Taste:  I’m a little undecided on this one. It’s hoppier than a lager, so mission accomplished there. But did I enjoy drinking it? Not hugely – it is sweet but a tad thin in the body and there is a lingering bitterness, but I wouldn’t describe it as a pleasant or palatable bitterness. It seemed a little like it was being bitter just for the sake of being bitter rather than adding taste.
In conclusion: Maybe I’m a philistine, maybe this beer was too complex for me, but It all just seemed a little jumbled. I got feeling that with so many different varieties of hops in there no single one stood out and there for there was no specific flavour to cling onto.   
Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner 
6 Degrees of Norm: 
1. This beer comes from Coney Island.
2. As did Annie Hall in the movie Annie Hall (in fact she lived under a roller coaster).
3. Annie was played by Diane Keaton.
4. Diane Keaton was also the voice of Daphne in ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’ (I think Daphne was a dog).
5. Which of course starred Kirstie Alley.
6. Who played Rebecca in Cheers and owned the bar at which Norm drank.


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