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Prologue:  Yeah so that isn’t a word. For once it’s not my poor spelling either, there is meant to be a random Q in the middle of that beer name. I assume it’s meant to be pronounced Prankster. I also assume the kids from North Coast Brewing (California, USA) have some reason for putting it there, but I can’t find said reason on the interwebs, and I’m not a fan of it. It feels all SMS 14 year old speak to me LOL, RFOL, IMHO.
Packaging: As much as I hate the name, I love the labelling. I enjoy the old world style that all of the North Coast Brewing beers have, The whale logo is cool, but more importantly here is the olde worlde tavern scene, which is absolutely appropriate for this old world Belgian Style Golden ale.

Close-up of the Label

Appearance:  It is a light golden colour. I expected a little more colour in there, it also has a white, slightly foamy, rocky head. 
Smell:  Belgian, which is to say dominated by yeasty, bready, slightly funky sweet fruity smells.  
Taste:  It is a sweet beer, again dominated by the yeast, with a touch of honey in there as well. It has a slight boozy punch in the aftertaste which makes this just a touch rougher than the generally smooth and luxurious Belgians it’s modelled on.
Having said this, the ABV of this beer is 7.6% and you would never know that from the taste, so suggesting it’s a little boozy might be a tad harsh. 
Suggested Reading: I’ve started a little tradition, if I’m tasting beers by myself I’ll go up to the balcony, take a beer and my copy of the Keith Deutsher book ‘The Breweries of Australia: A History’, which is an amazing book (although now a touch outdated, but I hear there is a updated version on the way) that tells the story of every brewery ever to exist in Australia. I open at a random page and read about breweries until I run out of beer.
In conclusion: Good, very very good. It’s not a Belgian classic, but it is bloody close to it.     
Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint


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