Matso’s Mango Beer

Prologue:  It’s been hot in Melbourne town over the last couple of days and when I say hot I mean oppressively hot. So hot that normal things that you do to beat the heat become impractical. Going to the beach is now a challenge to see if you can make it to the water without third degree burns on your feet rather than a pleasant dip in the sea.
I know this sounds weird but I even struggle to drink beer when it’s too hot. Well that’s not entirely true, I find it difficult to sit on the big malt monsters that I normally imbibe. Hop bombs are a little easier but when the temperature gauge is in the high 30’s I start looking for a more refreshing lighter beer and that where this beer comes in;Matso’s Mango Beer is perfectly suited to the heat.
Packaging: There is a lot to like here (and one thing not to like). There is the logo which has a Japanese feel to it that harks back to the history of Broome WA (where this beer is from) with many Japanese Pearl divers immigrating there. Then there is the super tropical mango-ness, complete with a Carmen Miranda-esque lady all ready to tempt you with her tropical delights. There is one concerning thing though, it’s a twist top and prior experience has taught me that twist top means crap beer.
Appearance: This is a really pretty beer.It’s a deep orange colour with small bubbles which stick to the side of the glass. It has a pure white head, although perhaps strayed a little too far into the detergenty area.
Smell: Mangoes, absolutely 100% mangoes, not hint of mangoes, but rather like you opened a tin of canned mangoes and stuck your snoz in it.
Taste:Tropical, unusual and darn refreshing. Again it’s the mangoes that dominate. It’s like someone poured some mango cordial into a beer.It is very sweet, but not cloyingly so.
In conclusion: This is not a beer for purists, they will claim this is a gimmick, but I don’t care because I loved it. It’s tropical, it’s fun and it should probably come served with a little umbrella in it.It’s a great summer refreshing alternative, that stops you from reaching for low carb beer or worse still that crutch of the gen-Y, ‘oh beer it’s too bitter for my skinny-jeans-wearing tastebuds’ strawberry, pear and blackcurrant Swedish cider.
Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint (Jordan wanted to give it a Schooner, proving that she is now both a bigger hop head and a bigger beer snob than me).
Long Bow YouTube Clip: The label on this beer reminded me a lot of the young lady in this video with the fruit on her head. Oh and if you work in media in Melbourne and you think she looks familiar, you might be right. Of course what Anna is doing in a Joe Dulce video from 1981 is anyone’s guess. But if you want to be happy………(drink Mango Beer)

3 thoughts on “Matso’s Mango Beer

  1. Leon I’ve heard of and drank many a fruit beer, I’ve had a couple of failed attempts at making them too, but never have I heard of a mango beer. You sure this isnt a new Cruiser flavor?

    • They seemed to have a few interesting beers listed on their website, the smokey bishop and the Chilli Beer might both be worth a taste, The only ones I’ve seen in Melbourne Town so far are the Mango and the Ginger beer though.

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