Kaiserdom Premium Lager

Big beer or little meal?

Prologue:  The size of one’s drink should never really be the main selling point when one considers which beer to select. But in this instance it just might be. As part of a Christmas present myself and Jordan were given matching 1 litre beer steins, and packaged within each glass was a 1 litre steel can of ‘premium’ German beer.
My first thought was that this would be perfect if it was 1983. I had visions of taking said steel cans with me to the footy at Arden Street footy ground, drinking the contents then standing on them so I could see over the heads of the blue and white clad crowd on the gravel covered terraces and see the exploits of Steve McCann, Keith Greig, Kym Hodgeman and the mighty Roy Ramsey.  
Unfortunately this is not 1983, and nor am I Marty McFly so I have no way of going back to the halcyon days of suburban football. So we did the next best thing, which was wait for a hot evening, cook up a BBQ and pour the litre of beer into the giant steins and sit on the balcony to consume it. 
Packaging: Did I mention the steel can? That was cool, otherwise it looked like a pretty standard German beer can, but you know, bigger.  
Appearance:  The beer was a light yellow colour and hugely carbonated, it had this foamy, huge white head (you know that white foam you get on beaches after a storm? Well it looked like that). Oh and it was bigger than a normal beer.
Smell:  It smelled of light malts and beery yeast, exactly what one would expect from a European mainstream lager.
Taste:  I was very concerned about this beer and I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much from it (and dreading the thought of drinking a litre of it if indeed it was terrible). But it was actually better than I thought it would be, a standard lager, but with a bit more body than most. The taste is driven by the light malts and it finishes quite dry with just a hint of noble hops tastes in there.  
In conclusion: Not the best beer in the world but also not the worst. It was easy to drink, which was good as it came in a 1 litre can, oh and it was a good way to combine both beer drinking and weight training, so that’s another benefit.
Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner (which is ironically about a third of the size of the standard serving size of this beer). 
Long Bow YouTube Clip: If it was 1983, perhaps I could have seen this game – it’s North Melbourne vs Geelong Round 20 – 1983 at Arden Street.


2 thoughts on “Kaiserdom Premium Lager

  1. Roy Ramsey, born 3/1/1956, he is shinboner number 685, He played 126 for North Melbourne between 1976 and 1986 (including 75 wins 2 draws and 49 loses) and eight finals games

    He played well against Geelong in 9183, he collected 17 possesions (this was back when that was considered good) and took 4 marks. He has had a awesome Mo and later beard. And he appears at 1.13min in the video above.

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