Pistonhead Low Ridin’ Lager


Sweden is probably better known/only known to most Australian pub goers as the makers of Rekorderling, a beverage aimed solely at the ‘I was bought up on soft drink so I’m scared of bitter things’ pansy boys and their ‘Only seen with their arms around their BFF on facebook  gen Y girlfriends. But for the rest of us (I like to call us fully functioning human beings) I’m here to tell you about Swedish beer, and in particular a fascinating little brew called Pistonhead. 
The packaging is the main reason you will notice this brew. The cans look like Ed Hardy vomited on them, it’s sort of cool but only in an ironic bogan way. In fact they were so hardy-fied that I was slightly concerned that Jason Coleman was going to suddenly appear and say ‘Hey Fella, share a drink, yeah?”. I would then have to sit through him telling me about the 483 shows he puts on a year, including a $10 million extravaganza in Moscow, discuss his journey, and the merits of deep v-necked t-shirts and which women he thinks are “Baywatch hot”.
Thankfully this was a Coleman free zone, rather Jordan was my drinking partner and for once I had matched my Euro lager to the occasion, it was a warm afternoon and I’d just walked home. I needed refreshment.

Coleman - He is not amused

And this beer provided it and surprisingly it even offered some non offensive taste. It was softer and silkier than your standard Euro lager, sure it still smelt a little metallic, but it really was a solid, if not earth shatteringly brilliant brew. It was very easy to drink and if I found myself at some sort of music festival where they only allowed cans I would happily drink this again, plus I’m guessing other people would think you were mighty cool dancing will your skull cans.  Schooner.

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