How Beer can solve the Greek financial crisis

So very Yellow - It's Keo

We are all about fiscal responsibility at this here blog, we are also firmly of the belief that all economic (and possible just all) problems can be fixed with beer.

Now we all know that Greece is up the proverbial creek of shit and are lacking some implements that could be used for propelling their boat forward. All of a sudden I have a feeling that this is the blog equivalent of one of those really lazy political cartoons in the Herald-Sun where they  draw a boat in the effluent sodden creek, but then they feel their readers are a little too dumb to get that so they label the boat the HMS Greek Economy.

Anyway point is if we all drink Greek beer then the economy can be saved. Of course the beer has to be worthwhile.

I started my Greek rafting trip with a craft beer from Athens and in the style of the lazy cartoonist they have called it Craft Athens Lager. On pouring this didn’t really look promising, it was pale yellow, clear as a bell (or are least as clear as a bell made out of yellow glass), it was all topped off with a detergenty white head.  In summary it looked like a commercial lager – not promising.

The taste was better than your typical Euro-swill. It was nowhere near as fizzy, which was a plus for me, but unfortunately the body lacked something, it was all a bit thin and uninteresting. It was an okay beer, better than the commercial brews, but I was left with that familiar feeling yet again of ‘Why did they bother shipping this beer half way around the world?” Schooner.


For our second beer we are heading over to Cyprus, or as I like to call it Greece Lite. (All of my Turkish readers are welcome to send the death threats care of the email address below). The beer in question  is Keo, which comes in a very summery bright yellow can. It too is very commercial looking, pale piss yellow with that bubbly head. And the taste is exactly what you would expect from a Euro lager from a very hot climate – it’s entirely forgettable. I’m sure it tastes amazing in the baking hot heat on a Cypriot beach, but it has no real place in Melbourne – Pot. 


So there we have it, much like Germany I tried to bail out our Greek friends (in my own special way) but I have to admit it was all a little unpleasant and I don’t think I’d bother trying it again.


5 thoughts on “How Beer can solve the Greek financial crisis

  1. I think you’re too kind. That said, the Pilsner has a little more oomph to it. I’m in Mdlbourne and cannot get out of my meetings to escape to the microbrew showcase.

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