Finally a couple of good beers

A Mountain Goat - Possibly named Craig

So it has been a little bit of a good beer desert on this blog of late, between the Greeks, the British and the hippies up in Byron I’m starting to sound a little grumpy (or as I like to call it English). But fear not because whilst I’ve been telling you about some ordinary beers I’ve actually been drinking some seriously good ones.
Let me tell you about a couple. I’m going to start with Mountain Goat’s latest, which depending on which websites you read and which pubs you drink at is called The Craig, The Craig II, Return of the Craig or simply Craig. Whatever it’s called it clearly has more Craig per square inch than any other beer on the market.
The first thing most people are going to notice about this is the creamy, nitro powered head, which does indeed make this brew a silky smooth and pleasurable experience. Due to the lack of nitrogen beers in Australia, my mind connects the beautiful falling nitro head with the dark roastiness of Guinness (or maybe Kilkenny), but this beer couldn’t be further from that. It is actually a bloody good English Pale Ale, with a nice full malt character and a hint of fruitness in the hops, all wrapped up in a sessionable, luxurious brew. You should seek this out now – I’ve tried it at the Brewery and The Courthouse so those are good places to start – Pint  

It's Iron Lung, a Super Villian in the Fairy odd Parents cartoon series

Next up, and also at The Courthouse was the Iron Lung by Doctor’s Orders Brewing which is a Black Imperial Pilsener (because apparently that’s a thing nowadays). This is a brilliant, if not a little unusual beer. It looks the part being all black and what not, with a nice lacing head. It’s part dark lager, part black IPA, it’s hoppy, roasty, almost chocolately in parts, but also very sessionable and refreshing. Pint
So there you have it, two great beers, both a little left of centre but both great refreshing beers that prove you can make really interesting brews without loading them up with truckloads of hops, elderberries or barrel-aging them in bourbon infused barrels (although I must admit I found a bottle of Barrel Aged Epic Armageddon under the stairs the other day and I’m looking forward to drinking that).


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