Breakfast Beer and untappd milestones.

Let me stress from the outset I don’t normally drink at breakfast time. I’m aware that it is commonplace in some European countries, but so is an unnatural love of David Hasselhoff  and the wearing of leather shorts so they don’t always get it right.
This was a special occasion though. It was my birthday (and by birthday I actually mean the day before my birthday, the start of what I like to call ‘The Festivale de Leon’ a weekend long beer soaked celebration) and I was sitting on 499 unique beers on untappd and was keen to make my 500th a little bit special. I knew if I didn’t make time for a special beer that morning I was sure to encounter some new beers over the weekend.


Ninkasi’s Angel is a special beer brewed by the women of beer, Sam from True South, Jayne from Two Birds, Aine from Matilda Bay, Karen from Red Hill and Beth from Hargreaves Hill, with a little help from the Beer Diva and others and with all profits going to the McGrath foundation, proving that beer folk are a good lot.
But is the beer good? Short answer, yeah it’s bloody good. As you can see from the photo above we did a little breakfast with the Ninkasi as the star attraction. We wandered over to Errol Street to the new hip bakery which reminds me of Uprising (the bakery in the film Stranger than Fiction) only without the political overtones, and Maggie Gyllenhaal. With fresh fruit toast in hand, and with cheese and crackers at the ready, we ascended the stairs to the balcony and enjoyed our brew whilst looking over a foggy Melbourne town.
The beer itself was not as heavy as I was expecting. Being a Belgian Triple I was expecting a big sticky, punchy brew, but thankfully given that this was 9.30am this was actually smooth, refreshing, a little bit spicy and fruity with little of the boozy heat that I would expect, given this was 7.6%.
I really enjoyed this beer, it went perfectly with the little hipster breakfast we were having. In fact it was almost like liquid fruit toast, a deep golden colour, hints of fruit, spice and vanilla. It would be safe to say that I now consider this to be a perfect breakfast beer and the perfect beer for a special celebration, like getting 500 unique beers on untappd, which in case you were wondering took me just 379 days. I know this seems fast, but things like the Mikkeller tap takeover at the Local Taphouse, the Microbrewers’ Showcases and a trip to the USA last year really pushed it along, and a shout out to the Back of the Ferry guys for putting me onto untappd.  Oh and the beer deserves a Pint
Long Bow YouTube Clip: Maybe I could start some sort of Breakfast Club where we all get together and try wacky beers, hell I even have a theme song ready, failing that I could probably just go to this.


One thought on “Breakfast Beer and untappd milestones.

  1. A belated happy birthday, but more importantly, congratulations on achieving the @untappd 500. A fine achievement, given it is just you. A better 500th than the run of the mill Cyril accidentally drank. I should be in Melbourne in May so I’ll give you some notice.

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