The Six Pack of Brewing Success

I wonder what this "Beer" they speak of is

So last week I briefly mentioned that I believe that there is a six pack of craft beer marketing success. I chose six because I know that all beery folk think of things in 6 pack units. See already I’m targeting my message to my audience, that’s number one. Well actually it’s not number one, but you should know that all good marketing starts with an understanding of your audience, the best advice I could give anyone when selling anything, ‘Know your audience.’

Think about it, you are at a party and you spot a fine specimen of the opposite sex, or same sex if you are that way inclined. You would like this person to be your lifelong partner/special friend for the rest of the night. If you know absolutely nothing about her it is going to be tough going, you are going to pussy foot around and you run the risk of throwing something out there that is going to get you slapped in the face.
But what if you’ve done a little scouting mission, talked to her friends, found out that she loves horses and the musical stylings of Burt Bacharach circa 1964, then all of a sudden you drop into conversation that you think Riwoche horses are so cute, then you serenade her with ‘There’s always something there to remind me’ and bada bam bada bing, you’re in.  
So as you read the rest of this remember you should always try to see everything from your customers’ perspective, they may not be as enlightened as you, not as educated as you, and they certainly will not care about your product as much as you do. But they are willing to hear about it, try it, and love it. 
So, without further ado here is The Six Pack of Microbrewing Success. 
1. Get the product right – Make the right products for your target and for the market conditions. If the market is full of pale lagers, should you go with the flow and make a pale lager, or do you Zag (as in zig zag, I’m not suggesting you hire a clown) and produce a stout?
2. Getting people to remember it   – There are thousands of beers out there, how is anyone going to remember yours?
3.  Getting people to try it – We all know that ‘if people just try it they will love it’ so how do you get people to give it a go?
4. Getting people to buy it – Or more specifically making it easy for them to buy it. Distribution has to be the biggest downfall of most craft brewers, could it be overcome with innovative thinking?
5. Get people to talk about it – How do you build brand advocates and how do you stop them destroying your brand?
6. Get people to buy it again and again – Building loyalty.
My theory is that you have to have a strategy for dealing with all of the above, get most of it right and your craft brewery should be a success, get them wrong and you will struggle.
Over the next six weeks (and I can’t believe I’m committing to a six week/six post long entry) I’ll be looking into all of these areas in detail.

Or you could just back a truck of money up to Charlie Sheens door like Bavaria did (This is for their non-alcoholic “beer”)  


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