Good Beer Week – Day 5. Goats, Tasmanians and the Tramway

Dark brews at The Tramway

Today was meant to be a relatively quiet day. I had planned to do not too much more than going to Goat and Goat at the Royal Mail Hotel, which is just down the road.We figured we would have couple of goaty beers, eat some spit roasted goat and be home tucked up in bed nice and early. Well plans changed as plans tend to in Good Beer Week.

It started when Andre and I decided to pop into the Courthouse for a few Tassie brews on our way to the Royal Mail. Regular readers will know I’ve been to the Courthouse twice already this week and with this visit I can now say I’ve successfully completed one of the Pint of Origin pubs. That is I’ve drank all the beers on offer which I wish to drink.

I completed the roster today with two brews, first up the Morrison Irish Stout.This is the second beer from the previously unheard of Morrison that I’ve tried this week and they have both been solid, but this beer is my favourite of the two. The first sip had a good lashing of powdered chocolate in it, although I have to admit that faded away a little as I worked through the pot.If I was being critical I might suggest it was a little bit on the thin side, but this is Good Beer Week so I wouldn’t be critical. Pint

Next up was my second beer of the week from Willie Simpson’s brewery Seven Sheds, theirKentish Ale. This one is tough to review because it just faded into the background, it wasn’t so outstandingly good that it stood out and not so bad that I noticed it. It was just pleasant and unchallenging and the perfect accompaniment to whatever crap myself and Andre were discussing at the time. And let’s face it, if you can produce one of those beers then chances are you are a bloody good brewer.  Pint

At this point the call came in from Jord that she was on her way so we moved on to the Royal Mail where we partook in some excellent goat, both in food and beer form. As we discussed the merits of having the apple and pear crumble versus some feijoa dish for dessert the call came in from Cat that she wanted to meet us at The Tramway, so we quickly decided that Chocolate Milk Stout would be a great dessert and jumped a cab to The Tramway.

The Goat roasting away at The Royal Mail

The Tramway was officially ‘going off,’ it was packed to bursting point. I’m not sure if it’s always like that on a Wednesday, but I’m going credit the Pint of Origin and Good Beer Week for it. I note they had even made their own Pint of Origin tour T-shirts. Clearly Crouchy and Lobby still have connections in the music industry who whipped them up for them. I didn’t pick one up which I’m starting to regret already.

Anyway the first beer of the night in the South Australian hamlet was the Campus Zwickel.Campus I believe is the brewery and the SA TAFE where would-be professional brewers learn. If that’s the case then they don’t have much more to learn because this is a very good brew. It is slightly sweet and even has a little Belgian complexity in there as well – good stuff.Pint.

Next up was the wonderfully named Judas the Dark from the Woolshed brewery. This was probably our pick of the night, it had dark powdered chocolate and vanilla notes, combined with delicate carbonation that really let these flavours shine through. Pint.  We even paired it with the seriously good Tramway brownie, which at $5 has to be the best value dessert in town.

To finish the night we finally got to the Chocolate Milk Stout from Steam Exchange which we had been looking forward to most of the evening.  Now I’ve been to Steam Exchange and I have to tell you they make some fantastic brews and this was no different. Again it had good chocolate tones through it, but there was also a touch of roastiness in there and again it could be accused of being a little thin (but then again I’ve started comparing all stouts to Feral’s Boris and not much lives up to that). Would happily drink this again though – Pint.

So as you can see our quiet night ended up anything but. I’m sure day five is going to be a quiet one though, before it all goes crazy again on Friday with the Hair of Dog Breakfast and AIBA tasting.

Not so Long YouTube Clip: It’s the Mabels with Ecstatic featuring co-owner of the Tramway Warwick ‘Lobby’Lobb on trumpet. I’m sure Crouchy was just off stage somewhere.


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