Eurovision Preview – Slovenia

Eurovision is almost upon us – that’s right next weekend the good folks at SBS will be beaming the ‘best’ of Eurovision straight into our lounge rooms. We here at Tipples are huge fans of Eurovision, we love weird accents, sparkling costumes and lead singers selected for their boob size with the real singer, who is talented but fat and/or ugly hovers in the background in a moo moo the same shade as the background (Eurovision rules state that all singers must be on stage and sing live so there is no Milli Vanilli action). We also love the ‘what were they thinking’ moments which the former Soviet states are responsible for and of course the endless voting segment which is like a giant version of the Brownlow, but with more flags.

Now if this site has taught you anything it’s that everything is better with beer so all this week we are going to be looking at some of the classic Eurovision nations and teaming them up with a national beer.  Today we start with everyone’s favourite former Yugoslavian republic – Slovenia.

Beer – Lasko Dark. Lasko’s pilsener is the most popular beer in Slovenia, Lasko Dark is more of your Carlton Black, or dare I say it Dogbolter, in the sense that it’s a dark lager and I have to say it’s not bad at all. Lightly carbonated with a nice roasted malt flavour that comes through, added to with a very slight hop bitterness. It is highly drinkable and would be a great way to kick off your Eurovision watching.  Schooner

Highlights and Lowlights – Oh Slovenia, you are the exactly the type of country Eurovision is made for. Your name will instantly be followed by the phrase ‘Where the hell is that?’ then by ‘I think it used to be part of the USSR” (it isn’t by the way), which is always a sign you’ll be banging out some awesome numbers. Here are two highlights:

2011 – Maja Keuc with a song called ‘No One’.  Excellent costume, perfectly  Eurovision in the sense that it is part stripper, part 1960’s vision of the future, complete with fingerless bikie gloves. Plus she has a very questionable accent. Brilliant.  Also I’m reasonably sure one of the of the back-up singers is the love child of Tabitha (from Tabitha Takes Over), Ruby Rose and that chick from Roxette.  Maja finished 13th – which was Slovenia’s best result since 2002, not a good sign.

2010 – Walked the fine line between traditional folk song and ‘We Will Rock You.’ On the folk side a young lady who looks like she had come straight from the nightclub to a Slovenian cultural dance class, whilst on the rock side they appear to have got the lead singer of the cover band that played the Burvale on a Thursday night in 1993.  It has all the creepiness and crapness you would expect . Unsurprisingly they didn’t make it out of the semis with this effort.

2012 Form – Rumour tells me they are working on a flowy dress/ballad in the local language, which is going to win them absolutely no friends and zero points. Maja’s best result of 13th isn’t in danger.

Random Fact About Slovenia:  Slovenia is the home to the Styrian Goldings Hop.


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