Eurovision Preview – Germany

The nation that thinks that David Hasselfhoff is a respected recording artist.  The thing to remember is that as a member of the ‘Big Five” Germany don’t have to qualify through the semi finals, meaning some truly terrible acts can get through to the final and that’s what Eurovision is all about.

Beer – Well finding a beer from Germany wasn’t too difficult, the bigger issue was narrowing it down from the hundreds of excellent Germanic brews out there. I decided to keep it classic with Weihenstephaner, which is the oldest still operating brewery in the world (est 1040) and their Doppelbock Korbinian.  I have to tell you if there was a Beer Eurovision this would be a front runner. It is sweet, malty with hints of chocolate and biscuit notes and is absolutely perfect for a winter afternoon – Jug. 

Highlights and Lowlights – There was a lot to choose from again, so I’ve tried to keep it short, but I have to share these four entries with you.

2000 – Stefan Raab, the best musical performance by a Stefan since Stefan Dennis and the song is called Wadde Hadde Dudde Da. I’m not sure how to explain this, think gay cowboy, 1960’s air hostess cowboys, platform shoes and rapping. And who said Germans don’t have a sense of humour? Somehow this finished 5th.

2003 – Oh my lord, it’s a 1970s costume party fronted by a dumpy old red haired woman(?) in white pants and the line ‘Let’s get happy and let’s be gay.’How could this miss?  Easily, they finished 11th.

2006 – Six years on and we still had cowboys, but I think these ones are serious. The band is Texas Lightning and the song is No No Never and I have to admit I like it. Europe didn’t, they finished 14th.

2010 – Stefan (the gay cowboy) was back in 2010 – not to perform but as the producer of a TV show called ‘Our Star for Oslo’ which uncovered the lovely little poppet Lena, whose catchy tune about space junk, blue underwear and getting your nails done went on to win the whole thing. She came back in 2011 with a moody follow up (not unlike Robin Sparkles’ ‘Sandcastles in the Sand’) which of course bombed.

2012 Form – Looks like they are taking it seriously again (and again chosen by Stefan’s show, now called Our Star for Baku). He is basically a singing version of Damien Walshe-Howling, crossed with a little bit of Charlie Winston (there is a reference that only our French readers will get). He’s going to be right up there. 

Random Fact about Germany:  Germany is responsible for just over a quarter of all beer production in Europe. 


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