Around the World….

One of the great things about beer is that it is brewed in almost all countries of the world, whether they are the traditional Euro nations with hundred year old breweries and their own local hop varieties, to societies better known as technological wonderlands/airport hubs and all the way to Caribbean islands more known for cigars, rum and baseball.

 It doesn’t matter where you are, chances are you can get a beer and chances are it’ll be local. Today we look at two such beers, both from island nations; Tiger from Singapore and Cubanero Fuerte from Cuba.

Tiger Beer is one of the most world’s more famous beers.  Asian mainstream brews don’t have the best of reputations as the climate of most of Asia seems to suit light bodied, easy to drink lagers. Tiger is no different, it is a pretty standard lager with lively carbonation that makes it refreshing but masks the flavour somewhat. There is a slight, vaguely metallic hop note that lingers, but this beer is clearly designed for refreshment more than anything else. Okay, but not great – Schooner.

Whilst we might all be familiar with Tiger Beer, it’s safe to say what I know about Cuban beer in general and Cubanero Fuerte was exactly absolutely nothing. A quick internet search reveals that this is a beer with two names. Bucanero in the Caribbean and Cubanero elsewhere, as I think examples of the beer in Australia are all grey imports you might find either version here, it may also be out of date so as always (but particularly with grey imports) check those dates before buying.  

Whatever you call it it’s actually a pretty good beer. It has some nice malty sweetness, which gives this brew its orange colour. There is even some nice hoppy bitterness coming through in the mid sip, although I have to say it ends quite dry. A reasonable beer, better than the normal bland lagers that populate the ‘world beer’ shelf of your local bottleshop – Schooner.

Six Degrees of Norm – Where we prove all beers can be linked back to Norm from Cheers in 6 easy steps.

  1. Cubanero is Cuban, just like Andy Garcia
  2. And Andy Garcia was in ‘When a Man loves a Woman’
  3. As was Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who was also in Boogie Nights
  4. With Burton Leon Reynolds, who was also in a movie called ‘Malone’ in 1987
  5. Malone was Sam Malone’s surname in Cheers
  6. And the resident bar fly at Cheers was, of course Norm.

The Long Bow YouTube Clip – It is everybody’s favourite motivational song, in fact I’m so excited I might punch someone. It’s Eye of the Tiger (see what I did there?) by Survivor

The Long Bow YoutTube Clip  Part 2 – There is something about Cubanero that makes me think of the Canyonero….


One thought on “Around the World….

  1. ah Buchanero, that brings back some memories Leon. I went to Cuba in about 2004 or 05?, cant remember but I do know i have couple of photos of me haveing a Buchanero or two. Based on the food in Cuba I would recomend serving this with a ham and cheese sandwich, or beans and rice, or rice with beans. Your choice. Good memories in that beer for me

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