Cisk Lager

Cisk – Largely what you would expect

Prologue:  It’s lager time again, this time all the way from Malta. Now everyone knows a Maltese person or at least Australians do (did you know that about 15-20% of the population of Malta immigrated to Australia just after the Second World War?) and everyone likes to make Maltesers jokes about him or her, but what do you really know about Malta? Well it’s an island in the Mediterranean about 80km south of Sicily, it’s hot and looks pretty nice from the photos I’ve seen. But can they make beer? Well let’s kick it old skool and find out.

Packaging: Traditional sort of stuff, a coat of arms with a horse on it, some medals from the ‘too small to read the location’ beer festival and a heap of traditional gold, white and yellow. And the name ‘Cisk’ was brewery founder Giuseppe Scicluna’s nickname and means ‘the cheque’ because he liked to pay bills by cheque. It’s a dud nickname but probably better than ‘that dirty arsehole that never pays his bills.’

Appearance:  Very, very light in colour.There were waves of tiny bubbles making a break for the surface only to be stopped by the good solid, almost creamy head.   

The made up reader’s question:  Hey you’ve changed man, personally I like your old stuff better than you new stuff. You’ve gone mainstream and shit. Anyway is Malta where Malt comes from?

Hi made up question guy, your old questions were better than your new questions, quite frankly this particular one is stupid and immature. Malta the island is probably named from the Greek work Meli which means honey and has absolutely nothing to do with Malt or Malting.

Smell:  Again like a standard lager, slightly bready, not hoppy.    

Taste:  Lager-like, a bit of malt in there and a bigger body than the colour suggested but still not huge. The carbonation was understated as well, which I prefer in my lagers and what most Aussie lagers fuck up completely.

In conclusion: Nothing to get excited about if you like analysing beer, considering recipes and ingredients, but I get the feeling that if you were at a BBQ or sitting on a beach then this would do the job nicely, and isn’t that what beer is about?     

Ranking:  Schooner  

6 Degrees of Norm, where we prove all beers can be linked to George Wendt/Norm from Cheers in 6 easy steps.

  1. This beer is from Malta, just like Shaun Micallef
  2. Who was in Full Frontal with a whole bunch of people, including Eric Bana
  3. And Eric was in Funny People with Adam Sandler
  4. Who was in 50 First Dates with Dan Aykroyd
  5. And Dan Aykroyd did a cameo in She’s Having a Baby along with Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson and John Ratzenberger.
  6. And all of them (except Sammy) drank with Norm at Cheers.

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