Writing Elsewhere Part III

Hey Guys,

Well I’m at it again, but this time in paper form. Pictured below is a magazine called GRAM, if you don’t know about it think street press for food, all of the content comes from bloggers, and can be picked up in good cafes, bars, pub etc across the city for free.

Issue 17 of GRAM – Featuring Me (and other people)

The exciting bit is that they wanted some beery content, and liked my story about going to Temple Brewery that I posted here earlier this year and they selected it to be in Issue 17 (out now and for most of July) so pick it up, read the story, and scan the scanny thingy to show them how many people love craft beer.

Oh and if you are reading this in Brisbane or Adelaide your issues of GRAM don’t include my stuff because I’m in Melbourne, but pick it up anyway it’s an awesome read. If you’re reading this elsewhere, you don’t have a local GRAM magazine, shame really.  

Thanks for all the Support, Leon


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