Crabbie’s Ginger Beer.

Crabbie’s went very nicely with the hummingbird cake.

Like all good craft beer nerds I have a particular distrust and loathing for cider and the people who drink it. I am fully willing to label all cider drinkers a) Gen Y’s, of course as a Gen Xer I consider this to be a huge insult, b) Hipsters, which they probably aren’t but this is another of those catch-all insults that just roll off the tongue and c) Cordial loving weirdos, I will then suggest that if they wanted a sticky sweet alcoholic beverage why don’t they just drink passionfruit vodka cruisers with the 15 year old girls in the park.

But I am willing to concede that beer is not perfect for all circumstances and occasionally you need a different taste to ‘reset yourself. Or you need a cold refreshing drink with ice and maybe a slice of lime in it (and maybe some Frangelico but that’s another thought). In these circumstances you need the beer you are having when you are not having a beer.

That is ginger beer (alcoholic of course). Now because I’m somewhat of a soothsayer and predictor of the future I predict that ginger beer will be the hot drink of the 2012-13 summer. I fully expect the hipsters to throw away their bottles of Rekorderlig and turn instead to a jam jar filled with ginger beer.    

As a side note I can actually tell the future.  I’m working on a system where I can tell people’s future using the lacing on their empty beer glasses. About four weeks ago I was sitting at the Wayside Inn with Frewy and I saw a Kiwi in his lacing, last week he went on holiday to NZ. Amazing huh? The fact that I already knew he had a NZ holiday booked doesn’t lessen the amazingness of this prediction.

So this brings us to Crabbie’s Ginger Beer which is one of the English ginger beers that you can find in any of your big box liquor retailers, or in your postbox if like me got sent some to try. Try it I did, and enjoy it I did. I was expecting a sweet sugar-filled ginger beer, but rather this is a bitey little drink, with a definite ginger flavour, an alcohol kick and an almost peppery aftertaste.

It was refreshing, it was interesting and a nice change for someone who drinks as much beer as I do.  It is a grown-ups drink, I’d like to think sophisticated and perfect for some light refreshment on a summer’s evening.  


One thought on “Crabbie’s Ginger Beer.

  1. I agree with your prediction, but I do think the cider craze will not subside substantially and will remain in the mainstream albeit with fewer brands. It is a little like the wine cooler bubble and burst of the late ’80s. That was never sustainable because coolers were so bad, whereas there are real ingredients and effort going into the manufacture of some ciders.

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