Samuel Smith Old Brewery Pale Ale

Samuel Smith and his Pale Ale

So the Olympics is almost upon us and in celebration of this wonderful although awkwardly timed event, over the next three days I will bring you three appropriately English beers to imbibe whilst watching the athletes run, skull, swim, jump and generally speaking be all sporty like.

The first of these is Samuel Smith’s Pale Ale, which is a pale ale in the English sense, rather than the American sense. What’s the difference? Well it’s much like the countries themselves. English pale ales are more solid, dour, understated, less flashy, whereas American pale ales are big and brass and all things American.

Upon pouring you will note that this is English, it’s significantly darker than a ‘pale’ ale, which of course hints at a bigger malt bill than is typical and that shows through in the taste. The beer also comes with a great solid head that also reminds you that this is a beer that needs a little more commitment than your throw-back pale ale.

This is not to say that it’s all about the malt. There is a significant hop note in there, not surprisingly this has a little bit of a old world feel to it, rather than telltale citrus, passionfruit and alike that you get with the Americans.

This is a very good beer, completely sessionable but with some real depth to it. Pint

Did you know? That the only beer you will be able to buy at the Olympics in London is Heineken and it’ll cost 7 pounds a pint.    

Olympic Song:  This song has no official link with the Olympics. But this song, which is called Moscow by German outfit Genghis Khan was released in Australia in 1980 (after the band formed to compete in the 1979 Eurovision song contest) and was thus used by Channel Seven as their theme song for their 1980 Olympics coverage. And it’s great to see Ming the Merciless and the dude from The King and I are friends.


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