Theakston Old Peculier

Now that’s peculiar

Welcome to day two of Englishpalooza AKA Olympic Beer- a-go-go. Today we are actually a bit out of the home of the 2012 Olympics, London. We have travelled up the road to Yorkshire and we are looking at another typically British style of beer – Old. Yep Old Ale is a style of beer, which explains the Old but what of the seemingly misspelled ‘Peculier’?

This beer is not peculiar, meaning odd but rather is named after the Peculier of Marsham, peculier in this sense meaning a parish outside the jurisdiction of the diocese. I thus like to consider that Marsham is a lawless place similar to the roads of Mad Max or the seas of Waterworld.  

So it’s a good style, it has an interesting name and for some reason I don’t really understand they have 10 word crime stories on their labels, so everything was pointing in the right direction. But then the beer itself was a little bit of a let-down.

Sure it looked good, a brownish ruby colour with a nice solid, creamy head, but it smelled like a commercial lager which was concerning. The taste was similar to a (more creamy) Tooheys Old, in that it was sweet at the front of the sip and then had a fleeting bitterness which lacked a standout flavour and then it all ended quite dry.  The only remaining evidence of the brew was a little bit of stickiness on the lips.

So it had all the ingredients for a classic but it was all just a bit thin, which was strange given it was clearly malt driven and it was 5.6% alcohol. This beer is mystery to me, enjoyable enough, but could be so much better – Schooner

Did you know? Frank Shorter who won Olympic Gold in the marathon at Munich (1972) credited his win to having two pints of beer before the race, and I imagine many years of training and being pretty darn fit, but no one remembers that.      

Olympics Song:  It’s the honourable member for  Kingsford Smith and the Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth out the front of Midnight Oil belting out ‘Beds are Burning’ at the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics – complete with ‘Sorry’ suits before being sorry was fashionable.


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