Young’s Special London Ale

When selecting beer to celebrate the London Olympics this beer was obviously a monty. How can you go past something that mentions London in the title of the beer?  Young’s are based in London so that explains the London part of the name but why is this beer special? Well the Head Brewer has this to say about the beer; “A wonderfully balanced, deep-golden strong bottled ale. The pinnacle of Young’s brewing. Saviour and Enjoy.”

Of course this isn’t true. The Young’s Double Chocolate Stout is clearly their best beer, even I could tell that back when I knew exactly two fifths of fuck-all about beer. Almost four years later and now I know exactly three fifths, so I’ve come a long way.

I was having this beer after playing some beach volleyball. Not at an ‘Olympic’ standard, but to ‘A current premiers of the Division 1 Wednesday Night Competition at Northcote Indoor Sports’ level so it’s safe to say I had a thirst that needed sating. 

It was a good thing that this was a refreshing brew. It was also smooth for about three quarters of the experience and I was enjoying it, but then the hop finish was peppery which just didn’t appeal to me at all.

In truth this beer is exactly what it promises to be, it’s just that what it promised to be wasn’t really floating my boat. It looked good, it did the job of refreshing my elite sportsman’s thirst but I probably wouldn’t bother going back – Schooner  

Did you know? The first Olympic drug suspension was due to beer. At the 1968 Mexico City games Hans Gunnar-Liljenwall, a Swedish pentathlete drank ‘several’ beers before the pistol shooting to calm his nerves.  Who would have thought beer and guns were a bad mix?

Olympics Song:  It’s Dream Team by Michael Franti and Spearhead – surprisingly short for a live version too. 


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