Writing Elsewhere Part IV

GRAM issue 18

If you pick up the new issue (Issue 18) of GRAM magazine which is available in Cafe/Bars/Pubs in the inner city of Melbourne you will see are story about my trip to Holgate Brewery.

Here’s the electronic version. If you see the old skool paper copy you should still pick it up though, and support some of the best food and drink blog writing in Melbourne.


One thought on “Writing Elsewhere Part IV

  1. Hey mate,

    Just wanted to reach out to you and see whether you would be interested on mentioning and linking a post out to our website pubstars.com.au. It’s a website where we aim to review pubs properly, looking at each part of the pub, not just giving one or two lines about the place.

    We’re looking to start giving our pubs listed a craft beer rating as its such a massive thing in Melbourne at the moment. Anywho, if you need any information just hit me up.

    Cheers mate


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