Mildura, Mrs Parmas and Two Birds.

Stefano’s amazing Parma

On Sunday I popped along to the launch of Mildura Week at Mrs Parma’s. Mildura Week sees a range of Mildura Brewery beers on tap, including the amazing Choc Hops which I can confirm is even better on tap than it is in the bottle. In fact I’m thinking of holding an Easter egg hunt next year where the Easter eggs are replaced with bottles of Choc Hops. Safe to say best idea I’ve had in a while.

Now I’m not going to tell you much about the Mildura beers because, well I’ve done that before, but I can tell you that Stefano (of Mildura Brewery/gondoliering/owning half of Mildura fame) has conjured up a special chicken parma for the occasion featuring pesto, marinated eggplant and cherry tomatoes and it is absolutely fantastic.  If you get a chance this week get into Mrs Parma’s, for their best parma this side of the Good Beer Week smoked parma. 

But this is not a parma blog, so it’s time to tell you about the only non-Mildura beer that I had on the day. It was Two Birds Sunset Ale, the amber accompaniment to their golden ale which was released last year. It is heartier than the golden ale and claims to have toffee notes, which it might have for the entry level craft beer kids, but I personally found it a touch thin for a nice hearty winter beer.

Two Birds Sunset

The hops tones are very good however, particularly in the aroma there are some great tropical fruit smells and then a light tropical bitterness that does linger after the sip in a pleasant way. This of course makes me think of summer.

This was a good beer, easy drinking, refreshing, interesting if not challenging. I think of this as Two Bird’s winter offering, which might be a little unfair because it’s a touch light in the body for that, and the hops prompt visions of sun filled afternoons, so it’s sort of winter, sort of summer, maybe just maybe they have produced the perfect Spring beer.  Schooner


3 thoughts on “Mildura, Mrs Parmas and Two Birds.

  1. Easter egg hunts and parma reviews, is this blog becoming Better Homes and Gardens? i think you need to do a double IPA or something barel aged to get this show back on track

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