Moondog & Yeastie Boys Peter Piper’s Pickled Pepper Purple Peated Pale Ale.

Work drinks are a place fraught with potential disaster for the beer geek set. Thankfully I work in a vaguely enlightened workplace, certainly enlightened enough to still have work drinks. In recent weeks these drinks have been creeping earlier and earlier on Friday (now commencing sometime around 4pm) and have been accompanied by cheese and crackers, which I find very civilised, if not a little wasted on the 22 year olds and their cider-drinking uselessness.

Beer choice is normally pretty good due to a manager who drinks only Little Creatures and a PA who thinks Coopers Pale is a good ‘mainstream’ choice, even though she doesn’t drink it. It all went wrong this week though when said PA was busy and a receptionist was sent to get the beer. She returned with Pure Blondes and Crownies.

Much grumbling from the 25-35 year old inner city based males was heard and demands that this never happen again were made. Meanwhile as some of my bearded and now grumpy brethren struggled through their mass produced swill, I retreated to my desk and grabbed a bottle of the Moondog’s latest brew, a collaboration with New Zealand’s brilliant Yeastie Boys, the 7P Ale, which my brother had kindly given me that morning. I say given, because I asked him to buy it for me if he saw it, and then forgot to pay him back, shit bloke me.   

I poured it into a glass and it couldn’t have looked any different to the crystal clear commercial dross those around me were drinking. This looked dirty; sort of the colour of the Yarra River, solid and murky. I expected this dirtiness to be in the mouthfeel as well, but thankfully it actually drinks quite smooth.

Having said that it was like drinking an ashtray. Now I know that sounds awful, but trust me that an ashtray in the hands of the MoonYeastieDogBoys is a wonderful thing. Think of a 1920’s black and white movie stylish smoking, not 16 year old scrags out the back on Northland smoking. Against all odds this is enjoyable, sessionable and just so god damn likable.    

So if you see a bottle with an elephant in a three piece suit smoking a pipe on it, pick it up, imbibe its contents and be amazed that something so odd can be so refreshing. Better still buy a slab of them and make everyone at your work drinks try it, most of them will hate you for it, some might punch you in the face, but one or two of them will have their lives changed forever. Pint.

Long Bow YouTube clip: The Moondoggie kids have helped me out a lot here by listing a series of song titles that remind them of brewing with the Yeastie Boys on the label itself. Including ‘Do that to me one more time’ by Captain and Tennille which includes the best recorder solo this side of Land Downunder. Also why wasn’t anything in focus in the 70’s?     

6 thoughts on “Moondog & Yeastie Boys Peter Piper’s Pickled Pepper Purple Peated Pale Ale.

  1. Got a growler of it. Was far smokier/peatier than expected.

    We had it with a chinese style roast duck and hot and numbing cucumber and it was perfect. The smoke went great with the duck and the hops cut through the spice. Was probably one of the best food and beer pairings I’ve found. Very surprising.

  2. “Think of a 1920’s black and white movie stylish smoking, not 16 year old scrags out the back on Northland smoking.”
    Genius description…..and I don’t even have a clue what “Northland” is.

  3. Brilliant. I watched that clip last night with my daughter. Side-splitting.

    The Friday drinks concept finished ages ago in our industry. Now it is just on the Back of the Ferry.

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