Writing Elsewhere Part V

If you find yourself in Melbourne town in September and you find yourself in a pub or cafe in the inner city you should pick up a copy of GRAM magazine (pictured below)

Why? Becuase I have a review in it. It’s called Portland Brewery, even though it’s actually about the James Squire Brewery at the Portland Hotel rather than a brewery in far western Victoria, although I have been to Portland and it could probably benefit for the having a Brewery.

So pick up the Magazine and read the article, or of course read it here. As an added benefit if you read it on this site you get a bonus joke about Superman III, for some reason they cut it in printed version, although my killer Ghost Dad joke did make it through, which pleased me.

Anyway in summary pick up GRAM it’s awesome, and I promise I might actually write something on this site at some point.

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