The Ruthless Moa


The Ruthless Rye

Now I don’t want this blog to turn into the type of thing where I start each post by apologising for not posting more often. I know posts have been a little thin on the ground of late, but I haven’t been drinking many beers because I’ve been sick (tonsillitis on and off for about six or seven weeks now), also I’ve been busy with other projects. ‘Working on other projects’ is what creative people say when they mean ‘I had to do work that actually pays me money’ or ‘I couldn’t be fucked doing anything at all.’

So now that I’ve started this post by saying exactly what I said I wouldn’t do it’s time to tell you about some beers which I drank last night, when I decided I was feeling well enough to actually taste some beer again.

Spring is kind of, almost, possibility making an appearance in Melbourne town and as such I’ve started spending the early evening on my balcony. It was a case of wishful thinking last night, as I sat there drinking I could see that the city was actually enveloped in big fuck off black clouds, it would be raining soon.

I was drinking a beer that has been in my fridge since god knows when and came from god knows where. It was the Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye 2012 edition and I can tell you it was a very well constructed brew, even if some of its punchiness has been diluted by the time it has spent on the bottom shelf of the fridge.

Unlike many a US brew this one was nicely balanced, the rye added a little bit of a pepper taste to the body, there was also a sweetness coming through that probably wasn’t the fact that it was rye, but rather simply because it had a big malt bill to balance the big hop inclusions. The combination of the sweetness and the fruit/citrusy hops gave it a nice marmalade type of profile.

All in all this was a very drinkable, completely fascinating brew, as I say it’s a little old in the tooth so you might struggle to find it anywhere, but if you do, give it a try – Pint

Now also going on at the moment is the ongoing saga of our new kitchen. In the unlikely event that you are committing this blog to memory you might recall that nigh on five months ago I ripped a pantry out of our kitchen. Well yesterday the new kitchen was finally meant to be installed. Alas it’s been delayed until next week, but the fact that we thought it was happening meant we had no food in the house as we assumed we would have no working kitchen.

This meant we had to seek out the dining options of Errol Street, which lead us to the hipster surronds of Auction Rooms, making it inside just before the promised rain arrived.  I have a love/hate relationship with this place, I find all of the hipster clichés annoying, from the soft talking staff to the tea box chairs to the group of people playing with an iMac in the corner to the annoying fucking music.

But then again they make some truly amazing food. I had a beef rump with smoked mashed potatoes last night that was quite simply mind blowing.  And their beer list is not too shabby either. Myself and Jord both choose the Moa Blanc, which is a wheat beer made from NZ brewery Moa. The first thing you notice here is that Moa might have shares in a glass company, they use the heaviest bottles this side of an old school Grolsch bottle.  This gives the beer instant gravitas.

As opposed to the bottles the beer itself is quite light, playing very much in the fruity and in particular the lemony side of the white beer family, rather than the yeast bready wheat beers. It’s very refreshing  albeit nothing too challenging, but enjoyable none the less. I have a feeling it probably matched up better with Jord’s red snapper and smoked octopus than it did which the rich flavours of the beef, but I was impressed all the same – Schooner.

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