WA – Ironbark Brewery

Weird Oktoberfest people at Ironbark for Spring in the Valley

We of course arrived in middle of Spring in the Valley, a strange dress-up/piss-up type event where groups of young people move from brewery to brewery and proceed to ask stupid questions like ‘have you got anything that tastes like Corona?’ They all seemed harmless enough, although their presence did mean there wasn’t a spare seat in the rather large house so we were forced to stand at the bar for our tasting paddle.

Overall the brewery is making beer for the tourist market so there was nothing too special in the line-up for us beer geeks, but there were some highlights:

Hannan’s Lager was probably the pick of the bunch, and it’s not often you’ll see me singing the praises of a lager. It was gentle little brew, but very well constructed with a definite well refined Euro feel – Pint.

The Oz Pale was a nice enough beer, but not really to style for mine. It seemed to have a honey-sweetness in it that I’m sure the kids love but I like a bit more hops in my Pale – Schooner

Ironbock (not surprisingly a bock beer) was a solid, malt driven beer without being too sweet. It had some nice toffee flavours coming through as well – Pint.

I think we picked a bit of a bad day for it, although I always like to see slutty Oktoberfest girls I think they might have dumbed down the beer selection a little for the day. A wall full of articles suggested more diversity and challenging brews like a Dark belgian beer called Debilatator, a Ebony Stout and others that are normally on the menu.

I’ll have to head back the next time I’m in Perth.

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