Selecting Beer for every occasion.

The Gibbs River on Dunsborough Beach

It wasn’t all long boozy lunches at massive breweries in WA, occasionally I either popped in to a brewery for a quick one, sat on a beach drinking, or ended the evening with a nice brew.Whilst there I managed to find three brews that were perfect for each of these very specific situations and lucky you get to hear all about them.

Let’s start with a beer perfect for a quick pop in to a brewery. The brewery is a little one (by WA standards) called Occy’s which is on the outskirts of Busselton. It’s a rustic little setting, with the brewery itself in a shed in the corner of a huge beer garden.  And the beer of choice for me at Occy’s was the Radler. Now the clever amongst you may point out, that ‘Radler’ is not a style of beer exactly, but rather a beer mixed with lemonade (what Australians would call a shandy).

So what the Occy’s Radler actually is is anyone’s guess, but I can tell you it was seriously good. It looked like a standard lager, but didn’t taste like one, rather it has a saltiness and even a hint of lime in it which was all a little strange, but it does exactly what a Radler is meant to do and that is refresh. Pint

Now this isn’t the first beer I had which has a salty taste, and I have to say there is something about that salt that makes beer more refreshing – if anyone could explain how/why that salt is in there I would be eternally grateful.

When I find myself on a beach in Western Australia in the late afternoon that’s when I choose to drink Gibb River Rye from the Broken Track Brewery in Kalgoorlie.  I knew nothing about this brew when I bought it, other than it was from WA and it was something I’d never had before.

The Wet Nurse

It had no description of style on the bottle, so I was playing ‘pick the style’ when I poured it. My notes from the day say ‘a cloudy straw colour, looks like a wheat beer but tastes like an under hopped pale ale.’ Now that I’m home and have done some research I have discovered that the haze is from the suspended sediment and the reason it tastes like an under hopped pale ale, is because it’s a rye beer with a IBU of 22, which would be under hopped for a pale ale, but may or may not be for a rye beer.  What do I know about rye beers? Not much, but I know that drinking this beer on a beach in WA was a great way to spend an afternoon – Pint.

When it gets later in the evening thought turns to darker brews, something a little more complex, and then you need a Moondog beer, in this case the Wet Nurse Tonic which is a milk stout. It’s dark and creamy in appearance, like the liquid that would come out of the devil if the devil had an udder. It had a fantastic, creamy and dense head. The mouthfeel was velvet smooth and I thought I sensed a hint of peat and smoke in the flavour – A seriously good beer – Pint.


One thought on “Selecting Beer for every occasion.

  1. Nice beerporn, Leon. Can they use the term radler? If it’s got salt and lime in it, it should be more like a chelada.

    WA sounds like paradise – a brewery over every ridge. Aaah well, I’ll just have to stick w with trips to Melbourne for the time being.

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