Selecting Beer for every occasion.

The Gibbs River on Dunsborough Beach

It wasn’t all long boozy lunches at massive breweries in WA, occasionally I either popped in to a brewery for a quick one, sat on a beach drinking, or ended the evening with a nice brew.Whilst there I managed to find three brews that were perfect for each of these very specific situations and lucky you get to hear all about them.

Let’s start with a beer perfect for a quick pop in to a brewery. The brewery is a little one (by WA standards) called Occy’s which is on the outskirts of Busselton. It’s a rustic little setting, with the brewery itself in a shed in the corner of a huge beer garden.  And the beer of choice for me at Occy’s was the Radler. Now the clever amongst you may point out, that ‘Radler’ is not a style of beer exactly, but rather a beer mixed with lemonade (what Australians would call a shandy).

So what the Occy’s Radler actually is is anyone’s guess, but I can tell you it was seriously good. It looked like a standard lager, but didn’t taste like one, rather it has a saltiness and even a hint of lime in it which was all a little strange, but it does exactly what a Radler is meant to do and that is refresh. Pint

Now this isn’t the first beer I had which has a salty taste, and I have to say there is something about that salt that makes beer more refreshing – if anyone could explain how/why that salt is in there I would be eternally grateful.

When I find myself on a beach in Western Australia in the late afternoon that’s when I choose to drink Gibb River Rye from the Broken Track Brewery in Kalgoorlie.  I knew nothing about this brew when I bought it, other than it was from WA and it was something I’d never had before.

The Wet Nurse

It had no description of style on the bottle, so I was playing ‘pick the style’ when I poured it. My notes from the day say ‘a cloudy straw colour, looks like a wheat beer but tastes like an under hopped pale ale.’ Now that I’m home and have done some research I have discovered that the haze is from the suspended sediment and the reason it tastes like an under hopped pale ale, is because it’s a rye beer with a IBU of 22, which would be under hopped for a pale ale, but may or may not be for a rye beer.  What do I know about rye beers? Not much, but I know that drinking this beer on a beach in WA was a great way to spend an afternoon – Pint.

When it gets later in the evening thought turns to darker brews, something a little more complex, and then you need a Moondog beer, in this case the Wet Nurse Tonic which is a milk stout. It’s dark and creamy in appearance, like the liquid that would come out of the devil if the devil had an udder. It had a fantastic, creamy and dense head. The mouthfeel was velvet smooth and I thought I sensed a hint of peat and smoke in the flavour – A seriously good beer – Pint.

1 thought on “Selecting Beer for every occasion.

  1. Nice beerporn, Leon. Can they use the term radler? If it’s got salt and lime in it, it should be more like a chelada.

    WA sounds like paradise – a brewery over every ridge. Aaah well, I’ll just have to stick w with trips to Melbourne for the time being.

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