That’s me, if you see me in a pub say hi

www.TipplesBeer.com  started life many years ago as ‘A Great Set of Tipples’ we then jettisioned some dead wood along with the ‘A Great Set of’ and became simply Tipples and then got all professional like a got the url tiiplesbeer.

Orginally it was a place for myself, Leon Sammartino (with occasional friends) to taste a range of beers share my thoughts on those beers and view many a beer advertisement. I have now added some more general thoughts on the beer industry, and in particular the marketing on beer,

I have no authority as a beer expert other than the fact that I have a beer belly and a beard, and occassionally homebrew and that’s enough in my book. I do however have actual authority, a couple of degrees and about 12 years of experience in marketing.

I am generally willing to write about anything beer related, if you have a venue, a beer,  a book, a website, or an opinion you would like me to visit,drink,review,peruse or disagree with let me know and I’ll do so – all whilst telling my readers that you are trying to bribe me.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love the site, but where do I subscribe for your updates? I’ll be adding you to our links also. Still sniggering at “A Great Set of Tipples”.

    • Thanks for visiting, glad you like it.

      I’ve added a ‘subscribe’ button to the right hand side of the homepage. Click on that, enter your email address and away we go.

      Happy Drinking – Leon

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