Brewery Visits

There is not much better than finding the source of all the great beer that I drink. Over the years we have sent forth by car, planes, trains, a feet to sit amongst the fermenting tanks and taste a brew or two that started life not more than a couple of feet away.

Here are some of the Highlights:

Whilst on a trip to South Australia to visit family we popped in the Steam Exchange Brewery in the seaside town of Goolwa.

On holiday in the US of A back in April/May 2011 we went to a few breweries/brewpubs.

Here is the tale of 21st Amendment in San Francisco. If Washington DC is more your scene you could head to Capitol City Brewing. or one of Gordon Biersch’s brewpubs. If you are in New York and want a Brewpub you could head to Heartland

And like every backpacker in the world we even went to Byron Bay

If like me your hometown is Melbourne perhaps you should head to the Bayside suburbs and check out  True South or 2 Brothers or to the North an check out Temple you could take a sojurn into the country and check out Bridge Road , Tooborac, Forrest or one of the godfathers of the Vic beer scene Holgate

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