Pointless Facts

I love lists, hell everyone loves a list so I put a couple of them together for you.

All these stats are up to the end of October 2012

Question: What is the Best brewery in the World of Tipples?

AnswerFeral is leading the pack, followed closely by Epic  

How: I have fired up the compution 3000 and tallied up the reviews, assigned points to the ratings and then averaged them out. Oh and I only bothered to do it for Breweries with 5 or more reviews. Here’s how it looks:



Question: Of all of the Australian states, and a few overseas countries, which produces the best beer?

Answer: Well it’s the ACT, from a sample of one. Then Belguim (which should be a state of Australia) and NZ, which really, really should be.

How: The compution 3000 again. Obviously I taste a whole heap more beers from Victoria so it’s tough on my home state, oh and I’m yet to taste anything from the NT – must fix that.

 Question: What is your favourite style of Beer?

AnswerBalanced is the word I like to use, Hops at the top with the IPA’s, but then malt everywhere with Bocks, Brown and dark ales.

How: This one was tough, work out the ‘style’ of ever beer reviewed, round out some figures, double and triple bocks get lumped together as bocks, Euro Lager, American Lager, Pale Lagers are all Lagers. Disregard anything without at least five reviews and then fire up the Amiga 500 and bang you get this table.


2 thoughts on “Pointless Facts

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  2. In terms of the ACT the Wig & Pen is the place to go. I’ve tried the Ballyragget Red from there and it’s decent.

    Great blog by the way Leon. Keep up the good work.

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