Tripel Karmeliet

Prologue:  How many times does a brewer need to brew a beer before said brewer is gets it just right? Is it five times, ten times, maybe fifteen. And how long would that take, 6 months, a year, two years tops?

Well what if you had been brewing a beer for 332 years, you figure you would be pretty good at it right? Well that the deal with Tripel Karmeliet. The recipe for Tripel Karmeliet dates from 1679, well before I was born, well before even Frewy was born, hell it’s good hundred years before some hanky thieves and prostitutes sailed to Australia and thought it’d be a next place to stay.

So let’s see if after three hundred odd years of experimenting they’ve got it right.

Packaging: Very, very old school, it’s got a crest, and difficult to pronounce name, a nice painting of some people (possibly nuns, possibly just some strangely dressed farmers) working in a field there is even some celticy, druidy looking stuff on there which is a little weird given this is Belgian.  

Appearance: It’s a light golden colour with a big (seriously big, like half the glass big) dense white head which sticks around    

Smell: It smells a little funky, with some hint of spiciness – cloves and such.  

Taste: It has a great full body, it’s incredibly smooth (particularly given that it is 8.4% alcohol) It’s quite sweet, probably coming from the fact that it’s three different grains in there (Wheat, oats and barley), in fact it’s probably the oats giving the sweetness, and the head retention for that matter. It finishes with some spicy overtones.

In conclusion: This is a seriously good beer, it seems after all that time they have got it pretty much spot on. The more I drank of it the more I loved it. Seriously, rush out right now and buy this, better still rush out, buy two and send one to me.

Ranking:  A Jug Please