Fosters and those crazy Italians.

The late 60’s early 70’s were an easier time in Australia. Men did manly things, like wearing black skivvies, every surface was wood panelled and everyone was white.

Well not everyone, There were all of those crazy Italians that turned up during the fifties. You know those guys, the ones with who looked like Papa Guiseppe, big fat chefs, with a twirly moustache, shifty darting eyes and they were constantly trying to feed you salami.

Not the type of people you see in advertising outside of pizza commercials. But you see, then, as in now, Foster’s was an Australia’s international beer. It was taking it up to the Europeans.

Now the marketing gurus at Foster’s went for a literal interpretation of this and shows us an Australian telling the big fat Italian guy to try it. He loves it. Then it’s off to the party where everyone loves Fosters, and their crazy ethnic food, and their skivvy wearing men   

I also note that what I consider to be Victorian Bitter music, was actually just the CUB music back in the day.

Oh and because all beer ads have at least one phallic symbol in it, I’d like to point out the camera shot that pans down for no good reason only to stop on the lovely young lady placing the bread stick in her mouth, followed by some dodgy looking cheese wedges, and then a blonde lady with an unusually phallic glass, and gee she’s holding it in a strange way.  

But hey that’s just my cynical modern view of life. This is from a time when things were simpler, acting was poorer, and ads were a lot slower.