Carlton Draught Cowboys

Remember when beer ads weren’t about metrosexuals, or magical water, mythical blonde haired women on mountain tops or shifty little tongues with a mind of their own roaming the town looking for adventures and a cold cold beer?

Nope beer advertising used to be about real men, doing real men things, like riding horses, wearing hats, having beards and driving steam trains.

There were no focus groups, no neuro-science investigations, no strategic brand agency shifting paradigms, no KPI’s . Nope there were just three guys in a smoke filled room, with a guitar and the opinion that the being a Cowboy was the most manly thing you could do (This was of course before the Village People ruined dressing up like a cowboy forever unless you were very secure in your sexual identity.)

So from a time when a long hard day’s work didn’t mean sitting in meetings, teleconferencing and answering four hundred and sixteen emails, I give you this gem from Carlton Draught during the 1970’s