Swan Gold and Renee Geyer (1987)

After the discussion of the Cross Eyed Cat it was suggested in the comments section that I examine Renee Geyer’s Swan Gold Ad. I’m nothing if to responsive to my readers so here it is:

To you non sandgropers some background information. Swan Brewery is now owned by Lion Nathan (and thus now Kirin) but back in the white suit/big debt/ big haired 80’s Swan Brewery was one of the playthings of Alan Bond. There was something flashy about Swan in the 80’s. I remember they had a blimp which used to fly over my house as a kid (I lived sort of near Moorabbin airport). I thought was awesome. (Because this was the 80’s Alan Bond of course owned ‘Airship Industries’ a UK company that built airships)  They also did some great ads about being a entrepreneur which we will examine at some point.

Swan Lager was their main beer. But this ad is actually for Swan Gold. Swan Gold was a mid strength and low calorie (probably low carb too) beer long before low carb beers were cool. This was also the 1980’s so metrosexual males didn’t exist yet so if you had a lower alcohol lower calorie beer you targeted it to women.

Now if you are going to target to women this actually isn’t a bad way to do it. Get Renee Geyer in to sing ‘It’s a Man’s world’  which is a undeniably empowering song, and Renee Geyer and undeniably powerful women, Maybe not the best ambassador for beer given her drug issues, but you know whatever.

The premise appears to be you’re a women, you’re empowered, and you drink Swan Gold. It is interesting to see what the most likely male ad men though being a empowered women was, it seems to involve wearing strapless gowns to jazz clubs, dragging stupid men around by the shoulder/hand/arm/braces, wearing glasses, kissing guys who do bad panto eye rolls, Not sharing your umbrella when it rains, and changing car tyres, so everything chicks hate about guys.

There is so much to love about this ad. The product name in neon signs, and the silhouette dancing that can be done in front of the, The Renee Geyer neon sign (in case you didn’t know who she was, although why she is always out of focus is a interesting question) The blond haired girl’s twirl that dissolves into the gold twist top, Plus this is the eighties so there is a sax solo, gee I miss the sax solo.

And just in case you didn’t realise it was for chick it’s end with the tag line ‘1/3 the calories of white wine.’ Nothing about taste, refreshment or anything, just less calories than wine.  

It’s still all a little bit patronising, but it’s saved by one of best songs Renee Geyer has ever recorded, and yes I own it – on vinyl. Very 80’s