Cantina Pura Cerveza

Prologue:  Some of the more concerned amongst you may have been wondering what the hell happened to me. There has been radio silence for about a week of so now, which is quite unusual.

Perhaps I’d fled the country after getting a shake-down from ‘Big Beer’ and told to keep my craft beer loving mouth shut. Maybe I’d visited a brewery somewhere and feel into a vat, a la Augustus in Willy Wonka.

Or maybe I just had a case of Man Flu.

But the important part is I’m back, and ready to get back on the beer tasting horse (how good would it be if I actually had a beer tasting horse. I would call it Dufflecoat Supreme)

Now choosing a beer from the beery powerhouse of El Salvador probably wasn’t the most auspicious choice. The fact that this beer is imported by Australian Beer Connoisseurs (AKA Coles) also doesn’t bode well either. Add to that the fact that this is in a clear bottle, and appears to be a cheap rip off on Corona (as if Corona could actually get worse) and there is a very strong chance that I was still delirious with fever when I purchased this.    

Packaging: It does that Central American thing of printing straight onto the bottle, Which I think is awesome. There is Corona gold and blue, and there are the ‘paint by numbers’ Central American symbols of suns and alike.

Appearance: The beer itself is a very light yellow colour, with a slightly green tinge with a bubbly white head.   

Smell: A very strong commercial beer smells, sweet and a little skunky.

Taste: Really ordinary. Gassy, thin, almost no lingering aftertaste, Some (Jordan) would say it was a bit of a nothing beer, I went as far as to say it was actually unpleasant to drink.

Now you might know my thoughts on adding fruit to beers. I did however hate this beer so much that I went a found a lemon and added it to the brew to see if that improved it. And you know what? I really did. The lemon took away a lot of the gassiness and seemed to give it a bit more body.   

In conclusion: A truly awful beer. Although it did have a educational effect on me, I know understand the benefits of wedging a lemon in the neck of the bottle. It makes a crap beer taste slightly less crap.

Ranking:  Nah mate, just a butchers.