GABS session one

The Sparse crowds at Fridays session

So after much waiting Good Beer week is upon us, or at least the great Australasian Beer Spectapular is upon us. I’m happy to report I was the first person through the door at 12 noon and throughout the afternoon managed to taste 26 different beers, partake in some excellent food from the Gumbo kitchen and even managed to catch up with a few friends here and there.

First things first, I’ll admit I fully expected GABS to be a nightmare of queuing and general shamble-ness, but it actually ran very smoothly, bars were quick and tokens were easy to get, which made for a generally relaxing afternoon, even if this was the least busy session, which I fully expect bodes well. Well done to the Local Taphouse guys.

But I guess what you want to know is what were the beery highlights. Well here they are;

Murray’s Bob’s Farmhouse Ale The first beer I tried (why I started at 9% beer is anyone’s guess. It was a fabulous beer, sweet and complex and agricultural and it perfectly hid the alcohol content, could drink this all day – Pint

Moondog Mr Mistoffelees although it led to much singing, and Jordan hates Cats (the musical, not the animal) this was a great beer. It smelt strange like you were under a fruit tree in late summer surrounded by rotting fruit, it was sour and sweet all at the same time, very nice. Pint

2Brothers Bloody Oak this was the first beer of the day to make me sit back and exclaim ‘Wow’. It smelt of sweet cherries and brown sugar, sweet and luxurious, and just brilliant. Jug.

Renaissance Stonecutter Oak nothing to do with Steve Guttenberg unfortunately, but still an outstanding beer, all the goodness of the regular stonecutter which I love but with added complexity, yet still drinkable and approachable, stunning -Jug.

Epic Zythos Seriously good IPA great hops tones, and very very refreshing. Jug

Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta I really liked this. The tea was there in the front of the sip and then the hops came through, although I have to say the tea took the edge off the hops making a very balanced brew. Pint.

So there it is,a top six. Shout out to Temple for their Smoked Weizen, the Lord Nelson Last Consignment, 4 Pines Beetroot Belgian and the Mornington Grouch which were all very good.

So all in all a good day had by all and I’m back tomorrow to try a few more brews. As a side note I caught up with a couple of not beery friends who would normally be drinking Peroni and they were loving the afternoon and the Boatrocker, so it would seem the event is converting people to craft beer, which is the main thing.