Good Beer Week at Mrs Parmas

It would be hard to spend any time in the beer fuelled blog world without hearing about Good Beer Week. That’s right down here in Melbourne Town we are nearing the end of a week long festival of craft brewing.

I have heard of the exploits of many of the Melbourne beer blogging mafia and looked on with envy. My problem has been that I have been sick all week, struck down with Man Flu. (a cold by any other name) This, combined with my absence from the country recently had limited my beery adventures.

But I summoned up all my strength and went on a (little) drinking trip last night. To do this I first had to go to work (which was a mistake, although on the plus side I’ve probably made a whole bunch of other people sick just in time for the weekend) and collect Jordan and Frewy.

Then it was off to Mrs Parmas for the Gidget goes Doggy, which is an exceeding  stupid name for an event, but it signaled the partnering of Moondog brewery and Mrs Parmas in a Hawaiian themed extravaganza.

Moondog had provided a very special beer for the occasion. The George Freeth Memorial Tropical Brown Ale. The first question everyone asks is who the god diggens is George Freeth? Well according to the interwebs he is thought to be the father of modern surfing, and that’s him Up there on the left.

The second question is what is the Tropical Brown ale?. Well Moondog claim it’s the closest thing to pina colada you will find in a beer. It a brown ale, meaning it’s malty, but with hints of Pineapple and Coconut in it. It sounds awesome I know. But does it live up to the claim? – Almost.

Now I should start this review by explaining that I had a terrible head cold and was doped up to within a inch of my life so couldn’t really taste anything, Jordan wasn’t much better (but was whining about it a lot less, because well she isn’t the giant sook that I am) so we are relying heavily on Frewy’s tasting skills for this review (thanks Frewy I owe you one)

The Moondog brew was a cloudy light brown colour, I inhaled deeply and could sense the pineapple scents. I was struggling to get much flavour at the front of sip, although Frewy claims crystal malts, and a slight roasted flavour. I did however pick up the pineapple flavours in the aftertaste (coming I suspect from the hops). None of us however could find the coconut. Overall it was a great beer though, really interesting, and perfectly suited to some sips on the beach (Although I think you can only get it an Mrs Parma’s so that might be hard) We all agreed it was Pint worthy.

Next up we tried Bright’s Topaz Harvest beer. This is a Marzen (ain’t they everywhere all of a sudden?) that uses the Topaz variety of hops. It is a golden colour with a wispy head, which sits around and laces down the glass with each sip. Strangely it smelt sweet. Investigations this morning say the hops give paw paw and passionfruit characters, so that would make some sense then. It is more Ale than Lager in its carbonation, which I liked, but Frewy thought was a shortcoming.  There was a nice malty, almost biscuit body, with a fruity hoppy aftertaste. A very drinkable beer.

There was much arguing over the rating for this one, with everything from a Pot to a Pint being mentioned. In the interests of harmony I’ll spilt the difference and give it a Schooner.

So if you get a chance get into some Good Beer Week action. If I make a remarkable recovery I might even make it to the Kiwi Spectapular a Local Taphouse tomorrow. You can check it all out at


The George Freeth Memorial Tropical Brown Ale: I’ll have a pint thanks

Bright Topaz Harvest: Let’s have a Schooner

Six degrees of Norm: Where we prove that all beers can be linked back to Norm from Cheers in 6 easy steps:

  1. We enjoyed these beers are Mrs Parma’s at the top end of Little Bourke Street in the City.
  2. Anyone who went to uni in the city in the late 90’s will know that Mrs Parmas used to be a different bar.
  3. And that bar was called Cheers
  4. Which was a rip of bar in Cheers the TV show (it even had the same logo)
  5. Although it was actually a beer barn that was famous for ‘Toss the Boss’ nights
  6. So it was nowhere near as good as the Cheers that Norm drunk in

Long Bow Youtube Clip: I can’t explain the vision, but the song is Jewel Theives by The Lucksmiths, which has a nice surfer vibe to it and involves, well, thieving jewels, like Topaz. (See how clever that is?)