Haywards 5000

Prologue: Haywards 5000 is a beer from my youth – If you consider my youth to be about six or seven years ago. Back then we all lived in the bayside suburbs (before we all fled to the much more affordable northern suburbs) we used to go to Paradise. Paradise of course being an Indian restaurant run by some friends of ours in Wheelers Hill.

It was during one of these dinners that we discovered Haywards 5000.  Assuming you can discover something that is already well known and loved by about a billion Indians. But embrace it we did. But then tragedy struck, Haywards 5000 disappeared. We were told the importer had gone bust.  I never saw it again, that is until a couple of weeks ago when I entered my local Indian (with a french name) restaurant  Le Taj and there is was on the menu – Haywards 5000.

It was back and it was time to let the drinking commence.

Appearance: This beer looks like a pretty simple pale commercial lager. It is very yellow, with a white head.

Packaging: It is a classy if not a little old fashioned bottle. red and gold are the colours of choice.  I noticed that this had been brewed for export and had the Australian importers details on the label itself (rather than a sticker placed after the fact) suggesting perhaps that distribution might be ratcheting up shortly. Oh and a key selling point – 7% alcohol.

Taste: It’s a very easy beer to drink, there is a nice full flavour coming through and it has just a slight aftertaste of both hops and yeast. Carbonation is certainly evident but not invasive.

Food suggestion: The full flavour and the high alcohol neutralised the spicy food that I was eating it with perfectly.

6 degrees of Norm:

1.    Haywards 5000 could be named for David Bowie, whose real name is David Robert Hayward Jones

2.    David Bowie played Andy Warhol in Basquiat.

4.    As did Jared Harris in ”I Shot Andy Warhol’

5.    Jared also played ‘London Boy’ in Natural Born Killers

6.    With Woody Harrelson, who served beers to Norm in Cheers.

(notice how that was only five steps but I fooled you by missing step 3?)

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint Thanks