A Sour Italian

Tiny tiny Burger or giant beer?

If you’ve been hanging around here of late you might think all I’ve done is go to WA to drink beer and not write many blog posts about it. But you would be mistaken, eventually I returned to Melbourne town and as well as not writing blog posts I’ve managed to drink a few beers here and there so it’s time to tell you about a few.
Actually if truth be known I’ve been lucky enough to get a few free beers, I assume not just because I’m a good bloke (there are many people who say I’m not even that) but so that I could write about them and tell you good folk how good they are. This can be tricky if you get sent crap, but lucky for me they were both fantastic beers.

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Italiano Spectapular

My Antonia and the awesome tablecloth

Spectapular is now a word that is in the vocabulary of even those who have only just dipped their toes in the frothy water of the craft beer pond. The Spectapular that they are familiar with was the giant four day long festival held at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne.

This weekend it was Spectapular time again, but instead of the giant beast it was back to the roots of these events with the Local Taphouse in Melbourne which was decked out in checked tablecloths and the kegs filled with special Italian brews.

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