The other ‘Little’ beer company.

There has been a bit of noise around lately of Little Creatures take over by Kirin, however you might have missed another story kicking about around another ‘little’ brewery looking for some investors.

The Little Brewing Company (TLBC) which is based in Port Macquarie is looking for investors and they have a prospectus which is available for download here. They are best known for the Wicked Elf and Mad Abbott range of beers.  

For anyone interested in the business of brewing it’s a good read. Now I’m not going to analyse it from an investment point of view, because, well if you take advice from random strangers on the internet about how to invest money you need your head read, and secondly I’m not a financial advisor, my accounting skills don’t stretch too far past Mr Jones’ year 12 accounting class. But there are a number of interesting statements in the document which are worth mentioning here.

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